X Factor USA Dallas Sign Ups

I had a blast in Dallas. For those of you wondering "Why were you in Dallas?" Well, I had auditioned for a reality television show called the X Factor. The show I previously mentioned considering going out for. X Factor auditions were held at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, TX. Thousands upon thousands (I would say 20,000 at least) all went out for one dream, to become the next X Factor. 

For those of you that are unaware, X Factor is a reality singing show. It's similar to American Idol, except groups can also audition and the age limit is 12 and up, rather than 15-28 like American Idol. It was created by former American Idol judge Simon Cowell. For the entire audition process, I stayed with my stepdad's brother (my uncle) and his wife in Heath, TX which is in Rockwall County. The official signup for the show was May 24, 2011 (Tuesday).

The traffic was hectic getting there, so it took about an hour easily (possibly longer) just to get to the actual venue. I had my uncle stop at a convenience store, where I purchased a green tea. The traffic was insane towards the venue, so of course my step uncle dropped me off nearby, instead of there, and I walked up several blocks just to get towards the massive sign up line. The crowd was insane and I just knew there were going to be thousands of people there. Of course, as I get out of my uncle's truck, I meet a real cool girl. Her name was Sarah too. She was walking up, just as I got dropped off by my uncle. We talked when walking up to the sign ups. Her voice was real good, however; she didn't make it through the first round. I have kept in touch with her since. She had an interesting story and it was great to meet new people. I have to admit, meeting new people is always fun. You kind of get to learn a little more about humanity in general.

I walked up the line with Sarah. As I approached the line, I snapped a couple of pictures. A bunch of people were promoting things, so I received a ton of flyers for different events, etc. I was invited to attend so many get togethers. Contemplating and debating whether or not I wanted to get my other camera out, I realized that I was good for now and just wanted to get the sign up over with. The weather was hot, but it was windy and not humid, so I loved it. Definitely a change from Montana, which I wasn't really use to, but I did like. So many people, but I was not focused on anyone, as my goal was to sign up to audition for X Factor.

After about two hours, I finally signed up with no complications. The X Factor staff ask for two forms of identification and of course, the release form which requires a signature. In exchange, they give you a blue wrist band, along with a ticket. Some people were given blue tickets, as others were given red tickets. My ticket was blue. Everyone had blue wrist bands if they were auditioning and those that were there for support were given bright pink wrist bands. Although they say not to get the wristband wet, I went swimming and took a shower afterwards and had no trouble. For the signups, I wore a loose fitting plaid shirt, short yellow yoga shorts and crew socks with my favorite Ascics. I was not dressing to impress, as these were just signups and not the audition.

After I signed up, I called my uncle Dennis and he basically was in a town an hour away. Although he is a retired homicide detective, he still works and does all kinds of activities to keep himself busy and happy. I definitely respect him and he and his wife are wonderful people. I found myself walking up to this real cool park in Dallas (It is called the Pioneer Plaza) that had bronze statues of long horns and a bunch of waterfalls. Although I wanted to climb the statues, it was so scorching hot, I probably would have burned myself if I did. They are allegedly made out of solid bronze, so I am pretty sure they would have been too hot. I am glad that I didn't. It was an experience for sure, but it allowed me to discover Dallas and see more of the city. 

Pioneer Park in downtown Dallas.
I knew I was destined to meet some creeper in Dallas and it happened shortly after audition sign ups. Some crazy psycho woman started yelling at me for no reason, saying "I am sinning and responsible for every man who stares at me". Her husband told her to shut up, as if he was embarrassed, but of course, she didn't cease and desist. It was very strange and even awkward because she had her children with her yet looked to be a lot older than her alleged age. Needless to say after playing her game, I walked away shortly before telling her God would forgive her. Afterwards, I met a nice latina woman from South Carolina who was in Dallas visiting her uncle. Of course, meeting people who are actually decent with optimism and an open mind tend to be refreshing after meeting the last person, that is for sure.

I ended up waiting in Pioneer Park until my uncle arrived. Afterwards, when my uncle finally showed up, we went to the North Park mall where I did some last minute shopping. I went to the Mac counter and picked up anything that I needed makeup wise. Once we got back to Heath, I accomplished everything I needed to accomplish. Then, I took a shower, had dinner, and then went to bed around 7 pm MST. Sign ups for X factor USA were officially over.