Performance round auditions for X Factor begin today in Dallas, TX

I am so proud of my friends who made it through to the performance round on X Factor. As you are aware, today (June 21st) and tomorrow (June 22nd) are the auditions for this singing reality show. The live tapings of X Factor begin at 1 pm and also 6 pm. I am definitely looking forward to knowing who is going to get on the show. I am texting certain people around the clock, so I am hoping I get some answers soon.

X Factor is definitely going to be huge in the US. Like American Idol, it is going to air live on FOX. There are many contracts involved with the show (after every audition that I got through, I had to do more paperwork, etc), along with the individuals who will be appearing on the show. Because of this, I will not announce specific names of the people who make it through performance round today or tomorrow. I do not have that right and promised my friends who made this far, absolute discretion.

I, will, however; announce whether or not one of my friends I met during the entire X Factor process did make it. So stay tuned!


Anonymous said…
Did Kyle make it? Keep us posted!
Anonymous said…
Did any of your friends make it?
Anonymous said…
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