Great news about X Factor 2011 in Dallas, TX for today

Every single person that I made friends with, that tried out for the show, and made it the performance round, has made it on the show, however; one person did not. The reason this person did not is because his voice tends to crack after he over sings. He was practicing his audition and instead of singing in head voice and going over notes and melodies of the tune, he belted it out as loud as he could sing. 

I had some voice lessons, but nothing major and this is just something you do not do. As a rock/soul singer with a hint of blues, I have learned the hard way on how to perfect the human instrument, as I am mainly self taught. Rehearsing does not mean giving it your all. Kind of like hitting a punching bag. You don't have to strike it has hard or as fast as you can. It's a fallacy when it comes to working out, just as over singing every single time is the biggest fallacy in music. This only gives you the opportunity to develop as a singer, as well as, develop the performance. He had this trouble the last time and when I tried to give him advice (this was after the second auditions in Dallas), he said he would take it, but it is very obvious he did not.

One of my friends who made it on the show actually texted me two hours ago and said "You should hear @##$%, he just sang so loud here in the yes room. He is going to lose his voice before he sings in front of Simon. It was so loud that others couldn't hear themselves and @!$#$%# heard him over his iPod" and that is exactly what happened. When it came time to sing in front of Simon Cowell and the other judges, he tried to go into certain notes (jump different octaves) and his voice just cracked. Instead of continuing to sing, he would apologize for his vocal discrepancy and ask to start over. I feel bad for him, but at least I hope he has learned from this entire ordeal.

Anyways, I have one more friend who is auditioning sometime at 7 pm, but as you are aware, the live taping of X Factor 2011 in Dallas, TX starts at 1 pm (central time) and 6 pm (central time) so stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
Sounds so exciting, I wish I was there!