Cocktail Recipes: Batida De Exotic

One of the most fluent, yet colorful drinks of all cocktails is the Batida cocktail. Inspired by island fruits and Cachca liqueur, the Batida proves to take you places, where you have never been before. Although the drink is commonly created with Vodka instead of Cachca liqueur, due to it's supply and demand on an economic level,  Cachca liqueur has a more sweet, yet unique flavor that collaborates well with the ingredients. With drinks such as Batida Morango, Batida de Pina, Batida Abacaxi, Batida de Carnival, Batida de Brazil, Batida de Sun, Batida de Summersday, Batida de Banana, Batida de Maracuja, and more, this amazing cocktail proves to be practically universal.

One of the most popular cocktails within the Batida family is the Batida de Coco. The Batida de Coco is a rather fluent, yet simple drink influenced by the coconut fruit. The Batida de Coco possesses two individual parts of Cachca liqueur and coconut cream, followed by crushed ice. The drink is traditionally served chilled, in a regular high ball cocktail glass, however; people who have a huge appreciation for this heavily coconut inspired drink, drink it in a regular cocktail glass on the rocks with a pineapple slice or maraschino cherry.

Another great drink within the Batida relationship is the Batida Mango. The Batida Mango is a rather colorful, yet simple drink heavily inspired by the mango fruit. The Batida Mango possesses 3 individual parts of Cachca liqueur, fresh mango, and sugar, followed by crushed ice. The mango is chopped up until it's heavily blended into the liquid. The Batida Mango is served in a chilled white wine glass.

Although theorists believe this drink possess only two parts of a Cachca liqueur and fruit juice of your choice, I have decided to change it a little bit and create my own rendition of this fine drink, making many waves, followed by a huge splash.

Batida de Exotic

2 oz. Cachca Liqueur
1 oz. Cantalope Liqueur
1 oz. Honeydew Melon Liqueur
1 cup Banana
(chopped, mashed, and blended)
1 cup Crushed Ice
1 tbsp Milk
1 tbsp Sugar

Before combining the ingredients, you wanna prepare everything individually in equal parts, excluding the Cachca. You want to begin by adding your banana to the blender and blending it for about 10 seconds. The fruit should not be turn into liquid, but rather be liquidity.

In a separate shaker, combine the cantaloupe liqueur and honeydew liqueur. As you continue, add the banana, crushed iced, and milk. When you have finished combining these ingredients, add the Cachca, followed by the sugar.

In a practical sense, you can use a hand held shaker or blender to mix, as either/or, works great. When you are finished, serve in a chilled, high ball glass, on the rocks, with a pineapple slice or maraschino cherry.