Family Ties, a poem

The eclectic secrets lie,
Within the universal truth.
Life originates,
Around our youth.

Through thick and thin,
Through black and blue.
We are bonded together,
The reality is true.

On every divine wavelength,
We are connected.
The thoughts we have,
Are indeed respected.

Gifted notions of parallel fantasies.
Empty waters of purity.
We may be weak, but we are strong.
In the end, we do belong.

Blood is thicker than water.
We love our father, our mother,
Our sister, our brother -
Like no other.

Three plus three plus three equals nine.
Our strengths exceed our weaknesses,
So step in line.

At least she cries,
At least he tries.
It's only part of being human -
Family Ties.

Faithful good, may always remain.
Separating fact from fiction,
Eats away at our brain.

Scorched ties that conjugate,
The light of day.
Understand the wisdom we learn,
From our family.

Universal and diversal perks,
Of being connected.
Despite the adversity we face,
We are never rejected.

Guiding our way through the desert sand.
Past, present, future tense.
Follow your heart,
Make a mense.

Exceptionally destraught and sad about nothing.
Inspirational talks and homecooked meals,
The love one receives, the love one gives,
The love one has, The love one feels.

Despite what we endure,
Those can continue to try.
We are human,
We can continue to cry.

Say your hellos' and your goodbyes'.
The bond, the ties that last forever -
Family Ties.


Anonymous said…
Great poem.