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I had the perfect opportunity to speak with Mr. Ken Ramberg, the founder of and here is what he had to say...

Sarah: Hello Ken. How are you doing? Tell me a little about Good Search...

Ken: We all have a cause we care about - whether it's finding a cure for cancer, saving the environment, finding homes for abandoned pets or so many other worthwhile endeavors. But what we don't all have is the time or money to support these efforts as much as we'd like. So, what if we could raise money for our favorite charities and schools by doing something we do every day, searching the Internet?

Ken: GoodSearch enables just that! GoodSearch is a Yahoo-powered search engine which donates 50-percent of its revenue to the charities and schools designated by its users. It's a simple and compelling concept. You use GoodSearch exactly as you would any other search engine. Because it's powered by Yahoo!, you get proven search results. The money GoodSearch donates to your cause comes from its advertisers. The users and the organizations do not spend a dime!

Sarah: Tell me a little about your background...

Ken: Prior to founding GoodSearch, I was the co-founder and president of JOBTRAK Corp. Partnered with more than 2,000 college and university career centers nationwide, JOBTRAK grew into the largest career site on the Internet for college students and recent graduates. In November 2000 JOBTRAK was acquired by and continues to operate today as MonsterTRAK. I am active in a number of charities and sit on the Board of Phase One, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Phase I clinical research and treatment programs for patients with cancer. I am also member of Advisory Board of the Venice Family Clinic, the largest free clinic in the nation.

Ken: JJ Ramberg, my sister and Co-Founder, was a television reporter with CNN and MSNBC who covered a wide variety of topics ranging from breaking news to profiles of the country's top business leaders. Before this, JJ was the director of marketing and one of the first employees at, an Internet-based cookware retailer. She also spent four years working at NBC News where she was a part of two Emmy Award-winning production teams. JJ has spent her career balancing business with public service, spending considerable time during the past few years working for microfinance organizations in both Uganda and India.

Sarah: What was the major source of inspiration that inspired Good Search to become what it is today? Who or what is behind such an influence?

Ken: Internet search engines generated more than $8 billion in advertising revenue in 2007. After hearing that number I thought, what if even a fraction of this money was distributed toward organizations trying to make the world a better place?

Sarah: How many active organizations and charities are a part of Good Search?

Ken: 52,000 charities and schools are now participating in GoodSearch and more than 100 new organizations are joining each day! The grassroots-level support behind GoodSearch has been nothing short of astounding.

Sarah: Now...can just anyone sign up to your website

Ken: To participate in our program, an organization must be a registered non-profit. This can include schools, charities, hospitals and clinics, volunteer services, political organizations, fraternal organizations, professional associations, religious organizations, governmental agencies, etc.

Sarah: Is it true that there are actually a few big names that are a part of Good Search?

Ken: What make GoodSearch so compelling is that users can support the nonprofit they care about most regardless of its size. Our participating charities range from local animal shelters to national charities such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Sarah: Tell me a little more about the actual searching concept...

Ken: Because GoodSearch is powered by Yahoo!, visitors to our site get the same high-quality search results that they are used to. You use GoodSearch exactly like you would use any other search engine, but each time you do approximately one penny is earned for your designated cause. The pennies can quickly add up. For example, just 1,000 people searching four times a day for a specific nonprofit would generate $15,000 for that charity each year. If you add in the money from GoodShop, our online shopping mall, the total would double to $30,000!

Sarah: I think what you have done is incredible. Allowing others to use their searches and cents (or is it sense?) to earn money for those that need it...

Ken: Thank you. We are working extremely hard to expand this idea and appreciate your support. One of our users recently wrote to us saying I can search for a restaurant and help feed the homeless at the same time, why wouldn't I use it? We believe this sums up our idea and the possibilities for our site perfectly!

Sarah: Definitely a brilliant concept. Do you have any future plans for Good Search? Any plans of expanding?

Ken: In September, GoodSearch was expanded to include, an online shopping mall of world-class merchants dedicated to helping fund worthy causes across the country. Each purchase made via the GoodShop mall results in a donation to the user's designated charity or school averaging approximately 3% of the sale, but going up to 37% . Participating merchants include Nike, Target, Best Buy, eBay, Macy's, Wal-Mart, and hundreds more!

Sarah: Ken, for those that are reading this interview for the very first time...what do you want those people to know about Good Search? What would you like to say?

Ken: It's easy when you're searching the Internet, why not use make every search count? There is just no reason not to!


Anonymous said…
What a great cause. I am signing up right now.