Beauty Bioscience introduces the GloPRO

When it comes to anti-aging solutions, Beauty Bioscience knows all about it. Offering a collection of the finest skin care essentials, this American beauty brand offers beauty products that are effective. The world of beauty is evolving and as a result, the beauty industry is constantly producing high-tech essentials that can be used in the comfort of your own home. It is official, Beauty Bioscience will be launching the only patented microneedling tool on the market that uses LED lighting technology. This is also the first microneedling tool on the market to use LED technology. Although there are several types of 'Light Emitting Diodes' (or LED) therapy, the red is what is used with this particular skin care device. Just as a plant uses sun light to grow, humans use LED red lights to emit light over wavelengths.

LED red light therapy works to stimulate collagen production. It also works to restore and renew your skin's natural acid mantle and barrier too. As this device works to increase circulation, it also encourages the production of new skin cells too. Whether you are looking to correct, prevent and even repair the first effects of aging, this device will do just that. If you suffer from hyper-pigmentation, the GloPRO will work to improve your skin tone.

If you suffer from sun damage, the GloPRO will both repair it and prevent it from happening again. The GloPRO works to correct age spots. This device also works to speed up the healing of blemishes, including acne. It will also work to heal acne scars. If you have sensitive skin or you suffer from any type of skin issue such as rosacea, this device will also work to effectively speed up the healing process. The GloPRO will also reduce redness as well as, broken capillaries. It will also fade scars and even stretch marks too.

Another interesting thing that this device will do is stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth. It also works incredibly to prevent and repair hair loss. This fantastic Beauty Bioscience addition also works to reduce inflammation and works towards pain management by promoting healing to both wounds and other injuries. As LED light therapy is 100% natural, it is also non-invasive, non-ablative and completely pain-free. It is also great for every skin type.

And just as microneedling is the perfect alternative to any macroinjury and evasive procedure, microneedling is safe. As it creates tiny pricks directly into the skin, GloPRO allows your favorite face oils, serums and even creams and lotions to penetrate more efficiently and effectively into your skin than standard application alone. In fact, after using the GloPRO device, within a minute after applying your favorite product you will notice that absorption is increased 200 times more. This also works to speed up the healing process using your own collagen. Amazing right?

The GloPRO microneedling tool is $200 and will be available at HSN as of March 31st. It will also be available at Neiman Marcus in May followed by Sephora in June.