PUR Cosmetics launches Glow Together Bronzing Powder for World Water Day

The Glow Together Bronzing Powder
by PUR Cosmetics.
Over 20 years ago, the United Nations declared March 22nd as World Water Day. As a worldwide observance and opportunity to be inspired to take action, make a difference and spread the word about the importance of clean water, World Water Day honors life in more ways than one. Did you know that our bodies are made up of 50 to 65% of water? Did you know that almost 2 billion people alone drink unsafe water? Did you know that one billion people do not have access to improved sanitation? Did you know that over 70 percent of the planet consists of water? Amazing right?

Today, PUR Cosmetics is officially giving back for World Water Day. They are launching a Glow Together Bronzing Powder. As part of the 'Give Back. Glow Forward.' campaign, this amazingly beautiful bronzer features a gradient of six gorgeous bronzing powder shades. These gradient bronzing powders include three matte finishes as well as, three shimmer finishes. Perfect for all year round, the Glow Together Bronzing Powder works to give all skin tones from around the globe a beautiful, healthy, and most importantly, natural glow.

Proceeds from the purchase of the Glow Together Bronzing Powder will go towards the Action Against Hunger, a global organization committed to ending hunger and providing safe drinking water to those in need. Your purchase will