Dr. Edwin Williams discusses scarless rhinoplasty

Dr. Edwin Williams
Dr. Edwin F. Williams is world-renowned double board certified facial plastic surgeon as well as, board certified in Otolaryngology. Edwin Williams, III MD, FACS is also the current President of the American Academy of Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) . Located in the heart of Latham New York, Dr. Williams is also the founder of Williams Center Plastic Surgery Specialists where he is devoted to his patients, committed to emphasizing safety, passionate about treatment outcomes and dedicated to improving lives. He specializes in giving patients only aesthetically natural results. Dr. Williams offers an array of surgical and non-surgical procedures for the face and the body, but he primarily specializes in scarless rhinoplasty.

Recently, I spoke with Dr. Williams directly about scarless rhinoplasty. Here is what he had to say...

(Q) You specialize in scarless rhinoplasty, which means there are no external incisions at all. How does that work?

E.W: The earlier versions of rhinoplasty worked this way, in the 1970s they used to do it this way. Then in the 1980s, it became popular to open the nose up. Fast forward to now, and we're seeing that we are destabilizing the nose.

(Q) Not very many doctors are trained at doing rhinoplasty this way.

​E.W: Your skills are rare, highly refined and yet very much needed for patients. If anyone wants scarless rhinoplasty, you are the surgeon to do it.​ I was lucky enough to have a mentor to teach me closed and open approach, so I learned both ways. If you're trained on the open approach it could be intimidating to do closed. The popularity of opening the nose- it's fun to do. I did that for years. It takes years for training . I happen to be an early adapter because I was very fortunate to have a mentor who did everything closed. I've never been happier with my results, my patient's recoveries.

Usually the nose is opened up. How does the closed approach work and differ? The closed approach is very precise and uses limited dissection, limited removing of tissues. A well- balanced nose looks smaller. You do the closed approach by understanding the principles of rhinoplasty, using small incisions and fiber-optics and small instruments. Instead of opening up the hood of car, you do it all internally. It is more intimidating and technically demanding and that's why a lot of people open the nose. Through small incisions, micro-instrumentation, a balanced approach, we do a scarless rhinoplasty.

(Q) How does closed rhinoplasty affect the recovery and surgery process?

E.W: It's much easier. Instead of a three hour surgery, it's an hour and a half. I don't have to pack the nose. With the open technique, the patient will have more swelling and recovery since the whole nose is opened up. There is no question that there is much more of a recovery when opening the nose. And of course, there is no scar with the closed approach.

(Q) How does it affect the results?

​E.W: Patients will have no scar because there has been such a movement towards opening the nose. there are more and more severe complications opening the nose. With the closed approach, I have more control as a surgeon with my outcomes. My outcomes are more predictable. less dissection, fewer variables. Since I specialize in natural results, this is all important to me.

(Q) What else do you do in rhinoplasty surgery that makes it a most positive experience for the patient?

E.W: We have an amazing system here. We have a smooth landing every time. The person who does the rhinoplasty anesthesia, that's all they do. We work as a team in unison to create a perfect symphony. It comes down to our team, which is very caring and experienced. We specialize in doing it right the first time and natural results. We specialize in scarless rhinoplasty.​

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