Matrix SoColor stylist George Papanikolas talks Glow in the Dark hair

Matrix's Glow in the Dark hair.
When it comes to 'Glow in the Dark' hair, the trend is one of the hottest in hair right now. Whether you are looking to change your style or simply searching to make a statement, this is one of the best ways you can make that happen. Matrix Lacquers are the perfect tool to create an amazing new hair look. But, why is this trend so popular?

According to Papanikolas, it is edgy and modern. "Instagram and social media has made this trend global. It's an edgy and modern look, especially in a club environment where the use of UV light, and black lights are most prevalent."

So, how is look achievable? Two words: Matrix Lacquers. "You will want to use Intense colors like Matrix Lacquers which are temporary, and then a glow in the dark dye to accent where you want your hair to glow. They are most visible over highlighted or previously lightened hair, but can also be layered over darker hair for a subtler tone. Then you will want to be sure you go somewhere with UV light so that the glow in the dark effect can be visible," Papanikolas told me.

Who can wear 'Glow in the Dark' hair exactly? "This would be a great look for club kids, night clubs or parties inspired by Coachella’s "Neon Carnival" where they heavily use Black Lights to bring the glow in the dark colors to life. I would also recommend for artistic people who tend to have less limitation on their appearance," Matrix SoColor stylist George Papanikolas said. "This look is super easy for blondes because they are able to skip the pre-lightning process, but if you have dark hair, it can take a few sessions before you can get to the “glow” but do not fret! You can start small, and apply small slithers to the ends because this look usually starts with pre-lightening of the hair."

Matrix Colorgraphics Lacquers include six semi-permanent shades. These shades include: red, orange, yellow, purple, magenta and clear. For more information about the 'Glow in the Dark' hair trend as well as the Matrix Lacquers, visit Matrix today.