How an Emmy award-winning producer compliments your work

How an Emmy and Grammy award-winning producer compliments your rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Thank you Katreese Barnes for your kind words. I am also a fan of you too. I've noticed a lot of people criticizing Fergie for her rendition of the National Anthem. Sure, it wasn't good, but Fergie is an incredible singer and simply took a risk. As I took to Twitter to defend her (Fergie, that is), I decided to take the liberties of sharing my rendition from the Smule app.

Surprisingly, I received a tweet from Katreese Barnes. In case you are unaware, Katreese Barnes is both an Emmy and Grammy award-winning composer and producer. And she also sings too. She is very talented. In fact, she is very underrated so when I received this tweet I was quite moved, as it truly means a lot coming from her. What a compliment. Thank you Katreese!
To listen to my rendition of the National Anthem, simply click here right now.