My latest Nordstrom Haul

So today I decided to shop at Nordstrom. As much as I wanted to look at other things in the store, I found myself gravitating towards the active wear (or athletic wear) section, as I noticed they were having a great sale. 

Needless to say I found quite a few things that I liked today and somethings I truly love. 

I found an Asics tank top, a Nike tank top, another cute tank top by Zella and a nice shirt by Z for Zella. 

I have to admit, I was enamored by the great selection they had of leggings, yoga pants and capris hence why I bought quite a few of those too. I never realized how many great styles. The Zella and Z for Zella brand had quite a few that really sparked my interest. I also bought a few things from Nike. 

Additionally I made another purchase and bought two hoodie + capri sweat sets from Calvin Klein. I had originally purchased one along time ago at Ross for probably half price; however, I loved it so much when I saw it at Nordstrom for about 40% more, I still bought it. 

I looked at the shoes and found nothing of interest. I have several pairs of Asics which I love. There were many people near the shoes, so I didn't really feel compelled to walk over to them. Besides, I like to buy shoes online more so than in-store. 

Anyways, this is today's shopping haul. I definitely want to go back soon. If you are searching for great workout clothes, Nordstrom has a fantastic selection.