Tribute to Angela Spicer

So, I am on Smule this evening recording. I decided to record "Who Wants To Live Forever" (originally by Queen) and took it upon myself to dedicate the song to Angela. Angela was a fan of Queen and loved Freddie Mercury. She also enjoyed Adam Lambert (the latest front man of the band). She loved this song and would always tell me that if she died, she would want me to perform at her funeral.

I would laugh and tell her she would not die. Looking back, I really didn't think she would die, as she was starting to turn her life around. But now that she is gone, I can only grieve and move on, remembering the good, as I should. I am very sad about her passing last month. If you cannot hear the song, simply click here right now. Listen with headphones.
Tonight, I dedicate this song to Angela.

Rest in Peace, Angela.


Anonymous said…
You are an incredible singer. Wow. I’m stunned.