Top 10 best Tupac Shakur songs

Tupac Shakur (or 2Pac) was a rapper, poet, and occasional actor from the East side of the big apple. His claim to fame came in the early 90's after he lent his rapping skills to the song "Same Song" by Digital Underground which features actor Dan Aykroyd. He has sold almost 80 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling artists ever in music. He has an array of great songs, but the question remains, what are his best?

1. "Ghetto Gospel" -- Released in January of 2005, this gangsta rap depicts a strong message about violence in the streets. In fact, it was Shakur's mission to create a song that allowed him to use his voice. This jam features Elton John. Written by Tupac, Elton John, and Bernie Taupin; this is the best song by the hip hop legend.

2. "Hell 4 a Hustler" -- Recorded in between 1995 and 1996 and released in December of 1999, this gangsta rap jam features Outlawz, J. Valentine, E.D.I. Mean, and Young Noble. Written by Tupac; this song tells a story about a man who simply wants forgiveness.

3. "California Love (Remix)" -- Recorded in October of 1995 and released a few months later in December, this West coast hip hop jam features Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman. Written by Tupac, Andre Young, Joe Cocker, Woodrow Cunningham, Norman Durham, Mikel Hooks, Ronald Hudson, Christopher Stainton, Larry Troutman, Roger Troutman, and J-Flexx; All Eyez on Me sold over half a million copies in the first week of it's release alone.

4. "Trapped" -- Recorded in 1991 and released that same year, this political hip hop song is all about police brutality. In fact, if you listen closely to the lyrics, Tupac is talking about his own experience with the system. It was this song that marked Shakur's success and started his rap career. Written by Tupac, this is one of his best songs.

5. "Thug N U Thug N Me (Remix)" -- Recorded in between 1995 and 1996, this G-funk collaboration features K-Ci & JoJo. Written by Johnny J, this is one of the best songs ever by Tupac Shakur.

6. "Changes" -- Released in October of 1998, this conscious hip hop jam sends a strong message to those who hear it, as it is about racism and how black people are treated by police. Written by Tupac, Deon Evans, and Bruce Hornsby; this tune remains to be one of Shakur's most popular jams ever.

7. "Life Goes On" -- Released in September of 1996, this hip hop jam sends a powerful limerick about what life is like for a black man on the street. Written by Tupac and Johnny Jackson, this song was Tupac's 5th single from All Eyez on Me.

8. "When Thugz Cry" -- Recorded in between 1995 and 1996 and released in March of 2001, this gangsta rap ballad features Nanci Fletcher and takes you through the trials and tribulations of personal struggle. Written by Johnny Jackson; this is one of the greatest songs of all time by one of the greatest rappers ever, Tupac Shakur.

9. "Let Em Have It (Remix)" --Released in 2001, this haute hip hop jam features Left Eye from TLC. With more sexual innuendo than most can handle, this tune is very real. Written by L.T. Hutton, this is definitely one of the greatest Tupac additions. RIP Lisa Lopes.

10. "Keep Ya Head Up" -- Recorded in 1992 and released in February of 1993, this rhythm and blues hip hop jam is about Latasha Harlins, a 15 year old African American girl who was killed for no reason. Written by Tupac, this tune is one of Shakur's deepest songs.