Top 10 best Aerosmith songs

Aerosmith is a classic hard rock, glam blues band. After over 40 years, they still continue to record music and tour, wherever their music takes them. With almost 200 million records sold around the world, they are one of the best-selling bands of all time. Aside from the many record sales, they have achieved 12 multi-platinum, 18 platinum, and 25 gold status albums, which are the most certifications achieved by an American band. As of 2001, Aerosmith has become members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But, the biggest question remains, what are the best Aerosmith songs?

1. "Dream On" Recorded in 1972 and released in June of 1973, this power ballad smash is what made Aerosmith world-class superstars. Written by Steven Tyler, this song depicts Tyler's dream of wanting to be someone. Little did he know, this would be the song that made his dreams come true.

2. "Sweet Emotion" Recorded in March of 1975 and released two months later, this hard rock ballad became so popular with music lovers that it became one of their highest charting singles. Written by Steven Tyler and Tom Hamilton, this tune has managed to achieve over 3 million digital downloads alone.

3. "What It Takes" Released in February of 1990, this song is about a man who breaks up with his girlfriend and goes through various emotions, questioning what it takes to get over it. It charted as #1 on the Mainstream Rock charts for many weeks. Written by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Desmond Child; this is not only one of the greatest Aerosmith songs of all time, but one of the best breakup songs too.

4. "Angel" Recorded in 1987 and released a year later, Angel is one of the best glam metal ballads by one of the greatest American Rock bands of all time. Written by Steven Tyler and Desmond Child, this song is one of the most beautiful love songs and rock songs on planet earth.

5. "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" Recorded in 1997 and released in the Summer of 1998, this pop rock tune is most famous for being the theme song for the movie Armageddon. Written by Diane Warren, as their number one smash hit (being the first in over two decades), this was the 17th best selling hit of 1998.

6. "Cryin" Recorded in 1992 and released a year later, this blues rock ballad proves that Aerosmith is as unique as their music and shows the versatility of how they can adapt to virtually every genre. Written by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Taylor Rhodes; this song hit #1 on the US Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks.

7. "Rag Doll" Recorded in 1987 and released in 1988, this blues meets funk meets jazz rock tune is a classic example of genre collaboration. Written by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Jim Vallance, and Holly Knight; this classic Permanent Vacation addition was the final single from the album.

8. "Walk This Way" Recorded in January through February of 1975 and released in August of 1975, this is one of the greatest funk rock songs of all time. Written by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, this song was re-released in November the following year.

9. "Amazing" Recorded and released in 1993, this epic tune tells a story about a man who has overcome adversity after living a troubled life. Written by Steven Tyler and Richie Supa, this blues rock ballad really proves there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

10. "Hole In My Soul" Recorded in 1996 and released in August of 1997, this power hard rock ballad is about a heartbroken man who is so sad, that he will do anything to fill the void of the love lost. Written by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Desmond Child; this is an emotional song, but a good one and one of the best ever by the popular rock band.