Top 10 best Madonna songs

Madonna is not only a singer, songwriter, and entertainer; she is an entrepreneur, an actress, an author, and a philanthropist. She is a pop culture icon, as she is an inspiration to many artists including Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Pink, and more. The Queen of Pop has sold over 300 million records world-wide and as a result, she is the 2nd best-selling female artist in the US alone. So, what are the Queen of Pop's best songs?

1. "Angel" -- Recorded in 1984 and released in 1985, this power pop tune is about a woman who is saved by an angel, who she falls in love with. Written by Madonna and Steve Bray, this is the best song ever by the Queen of Pop.

2. "Crazy For You" -- When it comes to performing uptempos or ballads, Madonna can do both and proved it when she sung this 1985 hit ballad. Written by John Bettis and Jon Lind, this Vision Quest love ballad is one of the greatest songs ever performed by Madonna. 

3. "Like a Prayer" -- Recorded in September of 1988 and released in March of 1989, this pop rock song was inspired by Madonna's Catholic upbringing. Written by Madonna and Patrick Leonard, this was an artistic risk that paid off immensely.

4. "Like a Virgin" -- Recorded and released in 1984, this Dance-pop hit was the first single from her hit album Like a Virgin. Written by Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg, this epic tune is one of the greatest songs ever by the Queen of Pop.

5. "Express Yourself" -- Recorded in December of 1988 and released in May of 1989, this Dance pop tune is all about female empowerment. Written by Madonna and Stephen Bray, this song delivers not only voice, but a message that all women should always express themselves.

6. "Material Girl" -- Recorded and released in 1994, this power pop tune is all about materialism. Written by Peter Brown and Robert Rans, instead of asking for romance or even a relationship, this tune is all about wanting a richer, affluent life.

7. "Erotica" -- Recorded and released in 1992, this trip hop pop tune is one of the first of it's kind to combine sexual innuendo in mainstream music. Written by Madonna, Shep Pettibone, and Anthony Shimkin; this pop song is true innovation at it's finest.

8. "Papa Don't Preach" -- Recorded in 1985 and released in 1986, this song depicts the trials and tribulations of teenage pregnancy and abortion. Written by Madonna and Brian Elliot, this Dance-pop tune is clearly one of the best songs ever by the pop star.

9. "Vogue" -- Recorded in 1989 and released in 1990, this uptempo tune is all about escapism. It is all about letting go and having a good time. Written by Madonna and Shep Pettibone, this song remains to be one of Madonna's biggest hits worldwide.

10. "Ray of Light" -- Recorded in 1997 and released in 1998, this electronic dance pop hit was one of those unexpected surprises from the Queen of Pop back in the late 80's. Written by Madonna, William Orbit, Clive Muldoon, Dave Curtiss, and Christine Leach; this EDM gem is about freedom.