Brewsky's Broiler in Ontario, Oregon

Ontario, Oregon is largest city of Malheur County. As it is very close to Idaho (where I live) it is the largest town in far Eastern Oregon. The Western Family Treasure Valley may seem boring, but there is much more that meets the eye here. And although this geographical gem lies along snake river, what you don't realize is that it is home to some of the best eateries in the country. 

So, what did I think? 

The ambiance was a bit rustic and not in a good way. I felt like the seating left a lot to desire, meaning it could have been better. I felt like I was sitting in a small room among strangers, which isn't something I am truly a fan of. 

Our waiter seemed to be relatively attentive. After taking a glance at the menu, I was ready to place the order. I decided to order a veggie burger with fries and a green salad. I decided to order the Mushroom burger, but went with the classic veggie patty. For fries I kept everything simple and with the salad I asked for cheese. To drink, I went with a cocktail. 

Although I felt the restaurant had many people entering and leaving (take-out seems to be norm) there weren't a lot of people inside eating. And as attentive as the waiter was, I felt like the food took quite a long time for something so simple. When I am hungry though, persistence seems to be something I embrace in more than one. 

The drink arrived before the food. It was good and put together great. I would definitely order it again. As a woman who is more of a rarely-to-social drinker, one was surely enough. The food arrived. The salad was sort of bland, but was a great portion size for a side salad. The veggie burger tasted great, but lacked a chardness so it was a bit undercooked and mushy. The flavor was great though and was a good addition to those who are vegetarian, like myself. I liked that this establishment took the initiative to actually offer a substitute as there are many that do not. 

So, what did I think?

Overall, I thought the food was good. Although it wasn't amazing, it was nothing short of good with great moments in between. The fact that they offer a veggie burger does say a lot about this establishment hence why I would give this restaurant another go. Would I recommend this restaurant? Yes. Would I eat here again? Yes. 

For more information about Brewsky's Broiler in Ontario, Oregon, you can call (541) 889-3700 or you can visit their website today. You can visit it by clicking here