Top 10 best Adam Lambert songs

Adam Lambert is a singer and songwriter from Southern California. His claim to fame came in early 2009 when he graced the spotlight on the eighth season of American Idol. Lambert blew up in the pop music scene virtually instantly when he released his first album For Your Entertainment. As the first openly gay mainstream pop star, Lambert has achieved success by being the only one to ever launch a career with a major label. In most recent years, Lambert has had the opportunity of collaborating with other artists and even touring with quite a few, including Queen. The question remains, what are the best Adam Lambert songs?

1. "Whataya Want From Me" Recorded between September and October of 2009 and released a month later, this strong pop ballad tells a story, a story that many people can relate to. Written by Pink, Max Martin and Shellback; this is Lambert's very first song to ever become a top ten single.

2. "Trespassing" Released in October of 2012, this is a fun, invigorating pop track that lets you see the type of artist Lambert actually is. A little bit of leather and a little bit of glitter. Written by Adam Lambert himself along with Pharrell Williams; this song truly epitomizes current synth-pop.

3. "If I Had You" Recorded in between September and October of 2009 and released in May of 2010, this uptempo electronic pop rock proves that fame and fortune cannot buy happiness. Written by Max Martin, Shellback and Savan Kotecha; this song proves money cannot buy love.
4. "Runnin" Released in May of 2012, this electro trance pop tune is a deluxe edition bonus track from Lambert's Trespassing album. Written by Lambert himself along with David Marshall, Fred Williams, Catt Gravitt and Marvin Williams; "Runnin" illustrates the clash between a existing situation and a hypothetical situation.

5. "Fever" Released in September of 2010, this glam rock dance pop is anything but leather. In fact, this is more glitter than anything else. Written by Lady Gaga, Rob Fusari and Jeff Bhasker; this uptempo song brings every color of the rainbow into one track, making it ultimately exciting.

6. "Time For Miracles" Released in October of 2009, this pop rock power ballad smash was one of the first songs to launch Lambert's career. This song was used in the movie "2012." Written by Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider, Shneider lost her battle to cancer in 2008.

7. "Never Close Our Eyes" Released in April of 2012, this power synthpop song is Lambert's second major top ten hit. Written by Bruno Mars, Phillip Lawrence, Ari Levine, Luke Gottwald and Henry Walter; this tune was inspired by both the dance pop and Euro-pop genres with a hint of melodic influence.

8. "Want" Released in November of 2009, this pop rock power ballad really depicts a tale of true love. Although this song comes from Lambert's unofficial debut album, this song really deduces what Lambert is capable of doing with music, as a singer. Written by Andy King, Steve Jones, Maz Woolridge and Dean Gifford, there are many things a human wants in this life and one of them is love.

9. "Soaked" Recorded in the middle of 2009 and released in November of 2009, this power pop rock ballad tells a story about a lonely man who is tired of one night stands. Written by Matt Bellamy, this gloomy ballad remains as one of the best songs ever from Adam Lambert.

10. "Voodoo" Released in November of 2009, this tune was released as an international and tour edition bonus track to Lambert's first album, For Your Entertainment. Written by Adam Lambert, Sam Sparro and Jesse Rogg, this dance pop ballad really personifies the kind of artist Lambert is.