Top 5 best Christina Aguilera performances

Christina Aguilera is quite possibly the greatest female singer in popular music right now. Combining the essence of blues, soul, and jazz; Aguilera is as unique as her music. With five Grammy Awards alone, she is one of the most successful solo artists of our generation. Let's face it, Aguilera is officially a pop idol. But, the question remains, what are Christina Aguilera's best performances?
1. "At Last" at the City of Refuge Church -- On January 30th 2012, Aguilera lent her vocals to pay her respects to the late and great Etta James. Aguilera truly made you believe what the song was about. Although the vocals were criticized, no one can deny the gift that this blue eyed soul has. The tribute was not only moving, but Christina Aguilera's best yet. RIP Jamesetta Hawkins.
2. "It's A Man's World" at the 2007 Grammy Awards -- On February 11th 2007, Aguilera proved that she is not only a pop singer, but a soul singer too, when she paid her respects to Soul sensation James Brown. Most people were surprised by Aguilera's ability to project the song and those that didn't care for the song, loved it that night.
3. "Ain't No Other Man" at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards -- On June 3rd 2006, Aguilera once again truly showed the world that she can sing. Embracing the Jazz concept, this was not only one of her most memorable performances, but the first one she did in years at the time.
4. "Run To You" at the 2001 BET Awards -- On June 19th 2001, Aguilera graced the stage of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas to perform this Whitney Houston classic tune. Not only did she perform it amazingly, but she was personally recognized by Houston, as Houston made sure Aguilera knew that her rendition was the greatest one other than her own.
5. "Somo Novios" with Andrea Bocelli at the Sam Remo Music Festival -- On March 4th 2006, Aguilera joined classical crossover crooner Andrea Bocelli for a special duet of "It's Impossible." Not only was the collaboration one of the best ever in music, the performance remains to be one of the most memorable by both Aguilera and Bocelli.