Easy@Home Ovulation Test Kit

At the age of 34, I definitely see children in my future. In fact, I want to have children. Lots of them. Recently, I was approached with an opportunity from Easy@Home to try their Ovulation Test Kit. I have never tried this product before, so I guess you can say I was very excited when approached with the opportunity. So, what did I think?


You get ten pink and two purple packages in this kit. The pink represents Ovulation, as the purple represents pregnancy. So, in a nutshell, you are getting a great deal.

When it comes to being easy, this product epitomizes that. All you do is urinate on the test absorbent pad for 10 seconds. You can also dip the test into an urine sample for 10 seconds. Results show up minutes later. Yes, it is that simple.

This product is incredibly acurrate (99%) for an at-home product and can even pick up the LH surge for irregular cycles.

If you are looking for convenience, something that reads virtually instantaneously (within minutes), you will not only love this product, but appreciate it too.

I have put this product to the test and discovered it is accurate. I have tried this twice already and so far the test matches to the one available through my healthcare professional. It is definitely a great product to use at-home.


Although this is a pretty accurate test (99%) there is still that 1% where you are unsure. If you are one that likes to have an opinion from a medical professional, more than likely this at-home product is not right for you.

The reading is quite confusing because it can read two lines and not be a positive result. The lines have to be the same color in order for it to be a positive reading. A negative reading still has two lines, but they are different color. If you are into the +/- system, you may find this confusing.

To be honest though, this kit is great if you are trying to get pregnant because it's so accurate for an at-home product. I haven't tried to get pregnant yet, but will in the future. I really love knowing that such a product does exist and is great for those of you looking to become mother's or simply want to know more about your vaginal health.

Easy@Home's Ovulation Test Kit is available at Amazon for $12.80. Would I use this product again? Yes. Would I recommend it to a friend? Absolutely. For more information about Easy@Home's Ovulation Test Kit, simply visit Amazon right now.