Get the makeup look: Zero+Maria Cornejo at NYFW SS'17

One of the thing that I love most about fashion week is the originality. As the clothing and accessories look beautiful, the models do too. And as the clothing depicts a sense of pure imagination, their creators are bold and care-free when creating their fashion. In the case of Zero+Maria Cornejo, the collection was very soft, as the models were wearing white and did not wear any shoes on the runway. As the pieces were pure, the makeup really complemented the entire show. Courtesy of Dick Page, Shiseido's Artistic Director the models were treated to a very gentle and easy-looking makeup look.

"Maria's collection this season was very pure. The models were barefoot on the runway and wore only white; because of this. I created a 'melted' makeup look that was very gentle and easy-looking," Page shared. "I wanted to complement the clothing with a neutral yet "scruffy" look, which was inspired by a photograph of Charlotte Rampling taken by Arthur Elgort featuring a smudged glossy eye and messy hair."

So, is it possible to recreate this makeup look at home? Absolutely.

First and foremost, Page prepped the models faces and emphasized on using moisturizer for a natural "no makeup" skin look. Shiseido's Artistic Director created a healthy, natural glow using an unique blend of the Shiseido Rouge Rouge in Sweet Desire and the Shiseido Rouge Rouge in Rose Crush. Page applied this as a stain to the apples of the cheeks and the bridge of the nose using a blush brush.

For the eyes, Page used the Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Leather. This was painted close to the top of the models' top and bottom lash lines. This product was also applied with a fluffy brush to blend the bottom liner and the top liner up onto the eyelid. Then, Page used his fingers to "mess up" the lower lash line to create a less perfect yet pristine look. To complete the eyes, Page used the Shiseido Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment to slightly melt the makeup.

As Page continued, he used the Shiseido Eyebrow Styling Compact in Deep Brown on the models' brows. He wanted to both strengthen and fill the brows for a natural look.

And like the face, the lips were also kept soft and natural. Page finished the look by using the Shiseido Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment.

Congratulations! You have just recreated the makeup look for the Zero+Maria Cornejo at New York Fashion Week. #ShiseidoFW #NYFW


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