Get the look: Kate Hudson at the Deepwater Horizon premiere

Kate Hudson really embraced a red hot style last night for the premiere of her new movie Deepwater Horizon. The beautiful starlet stunned the red carpet in a tomato red romper accentuated with a matching throw jacket. As Hudson epitomized a true siren style, the Deepwater Horizon hottie was treated to a makeup and hair look to complement her entire style by celebrity makeup artist Debra Ferullo and celebrity stylist David Babaii.

"I was inspired to create a soft eye as the main focus to complement dewy skin, soft lips and Kate's amazing lashes," Ferullo shared about the inspiration behind the makeup look.

"Kate's look tonight is super chic and cool. I wanted to give her a rock-n-roll vibe and opted for a very textured look with a bold center part. It is so hot here in New Orleans so the products were key here to beat the Humidity," Babaii said about the hair look.

So, is it possible to recreate Hudson's hair and makeup? Absolutely.


For Hudson's gorgeous glow, Ferullo used the Physicians Formula #instaReady Beauty Balm BB Cream SPF 30 in the shade Light/Medium. This product was initially used to prep the skin. As the celebrity makeup artist continued, she applied the Physicians Formula #instaReady Contour Trio SPF 30 BB Stick in Bronze onto Hudson's forehead and the hallow of her cheeks. Then, she applied the Physicians Formula #instaReady Contour Trio SPF 30 BB Stick in Blush to the apple of the actress's cheeks. To complete the face, Ferullo used the Physicians Formula #instaReady Filter Trio BB Powder SPF 30 to set the entire face.

As Ferullo continued, she applied the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Extreme Shimmer Shadow & Liner in Copper Nude. The celebrity makeup artist added a subtle swipe of the cream shade on Hudson's lid. On the bottom lash line, Ferullo used the brown shimmer shade. "Kate has incredible lashes," she added. "I wanted to make them stand out as the focus of her look."

To complete the entire makeup look, the celebrity makeup artist created her own custom shade of lipstick for the Deepwater Horizon hottie using a Kryolan lip palette. She mixed a few bronzed colors together to perfect a bronzy gold lip color that sparkled.


First and foremost, you are going to want to prep the hair. For this look, Babaii used the Kerastase Paris Bain Chronologiste followed by the Kerastase Paris Creme Chronologiste. On Hudson's wet hair, the celebrity stylist applied the Kerastase Paris L'incroyable Blowdry Lotion all over. Not only does this product fight frizz, but smoothes the hair and ensures the hair is protected.

As the celebrity stylist continued, he rough dried Hudson's hair. Once her hair was dry, he parted the hair down the middle and started misting the Kerastase Paris Elixr Ultime Bi-Phase Spray Oil all over.

Once Babaii did this, he started to create little bends throughout Hudson's hair using a 1" curling iron. He wanted Hudson's hair to take on a very texturized look that was undone and natural. Babaii's goal was to wave Hudson's hair in different directions.

Then, he ran his hands through the waves of her hair to break them up. Taking the Kerastase Paris Elixr Ultime Bi-Phase Spray Oil, the celebrity stylist sprayed this onto Hudson's hair again. Babaii added that he loves this oil because it is lightweight and doesn't leave your hair looking or feeling greasy.

To finish the entire hair look, Babaii sprayed the Kerastase Paris Laque Dentelle on a toothbrush and brushed away any flyways the Deepwater Horizon hottie had.

Deepwater Horizon will be coming to a theater near you Friday, September 30, 2016. Congratulations! You have just recreated Kate Hudson's makeup and hair look for the premiere of her new movie Deepwater Horizon.

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