Get the hair look: Julia Louis-Dreyfus at the 2016 Emmy Awards

Julia Louis-Dreyfus stunned the red carpet Sunday evening in a beautiful and chic Carolina Herrara gown. As the Veep star is up for an Emmy tonight, we can only hope the cute comedian takes home the award tonight. As her makeup really stood out, her hair did too. In fact, her hair really complemented her entire outfit. Celebrity stylist Matthew Monzon for StriVectin Hair teamed up with the Seinfield alumni for an easy, playful with a hint of whimsy style which brought the entire look together.

"Upon seeing the gorgeous Carolina Herrara gown, as a collective we decided the hair needed to be somewhat easy, playful and with a bit of whimsy. We went with Hollywood glamour, but loosened up to make it feel a bit more modern," Monzon shared.

So, is it possible to recreate this hair look at home? Absolutely.

First and foremost, Monzon shampooed the funny beauty's hair with the StriVectin HAIR Color Care Shampoo and the StriVectin HAIR Color Care Conditioner. Then, he sprayed the StriVectin HAIR Max Volume Root Lifting Spray directly to Louis-Dreyfus's roots. As he continued, he applied the StriVectin HAIR Ultimate Restore Densifying Foaming Treatment through the mid-shafts and ends using a wide-toothed comb.

As the celebrity stylist continued with the hair look, he began blow drying Louis-Dreyfus' locks using his fingers. This works to create volume and add a little lift. He finished off the ends of the hair with a round brush. Now, taking a one inch curling iron Monzon began to wrap various sections of her hair around the iron in alternating directions. As the sections ranged from 1 to 1.25 inches, the curls were slightly touseled and treated accordingly.

To finish the hair look, Monzon applied the StriVectin HAIR Color Care Vibrancy Booster to Louis-Dreyfus' hair from the mid-shaft all of the way through the ends. As the celebrity stylist gathered a quarter size amount, he used his hands to apply the product. This creates a shiny finish that is very much needed.

Congratulations! You have just recreated the Julia Louis-Dreyfus's hair look at the 68th annual Primetime Emmy Awards. #Emmys

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