Invited to write for Inquisitr

As you are aware, I produced content for (which is now defunct) for many years before it recently closed. I was searching for a platform where I could continue writing. I reached out to Inquisitr via contact on their site. 

After conversing via email with Jake Lampner, the editor of the platform, he asked me to take a short quiz. I took the quiz and passed. Then, he asked for a breaking news writing sample/piece from a list of topics he provided. Almost immediately after I submitted the sample. I noticed several mistakes, so I messaged Lampner simultaneously to correct them. 

Then, he asked me a few questions. Explained how things worked and offered me a position shortly before asking me to take a small exam about the platform itself. He also informed me that I would have to appear on Skype as I wrote and there would be a certain set of hours I would have to dedicate to doing this particular job. I thought it sounded great (and to be honest, I still do). 

I explained to him that I was the #1 beauty content producer of Examiner (which is now defunct) for years and I was looking for a place to publish my annual beauty awards. I also informed him that I use to publish an array of aggregated news for the now defunct platform that went beyond both the beauty and lifestyle subjects and had dipped into the realm of breaking news store and even true crime. He seemed modestly intrigued and seem to be a very helpful and considerate person. 

That leads me to the hypothetical question "what if?" To be honest, I am still contemplating and debating whether or not I want to take this opportunity. Why? Because I literally fear this platform will announce in a few years that it will close also. Examiner closed last month and Yahoo! Voices (the platform I wrote for prior) closed in 2014. What if Inquisitr closes? What if Inquisitr decides to cut all contributing staff and hire only those who have a master's degree in journalism? 

So I am reaching out to you, the readers of my blog with the question--what would you do if you were invited to Inquisitr to write? Would you take the opportunity or would you refrain from getting involved with the risk of it closing years down the road?