Cinzzetti's, All-You-Can-Eat Italian Feast

Located in the heart of Northglenn, just north of 104 Avenue and west of I-25 is one of the best Italian eateries in Colorado, Cinzzetti's. I discovered this incredible restaurant back in 2009, as the Mona Lisa mural caught my attention when driving by and deciding where to eat. 

Every single time I visit Colorado (especially the Denver area) I find myself eating here because the food is just really amazing. As much as I love sit down restaurants, there is something so appealing about this buffet-style restaurant that I cannot describe. And if you have ever ate here, you know exactly what I am talking about. 

The ambiance reminds me of a rustic Italian fortress when first entering the establishment. Not only are there paintings on the wall, but a fountain in the middle. The buffet style is very rustic and is separated by Parmesan, Rotisserie, Tavola Calda, Salad/Antipasto, Marchetta, Pizza, Pasta, Bakery, and Gelato Bar. I have had the pleasure of dining here for brunch, for lunch, and for dinner. And every single time the food is/was fantastic. 

Italian food without a good Parmesan is like Starbucks without frappe. If you are searching for classic southern Italian style cuisine, this is the best place to start. With quite a few to choose from, I still find myself heavily gravitating to the eggplant. They add lasagna on their Parmesan area; however, it is usually the classico so I don't think it is vegetarian-friendly, therefore I have never actually tried it. I think the next time I go, I am going to ask whether it is because that is one question I haven't asked.

When it comes to classic rotisserie, it is hard to find something vegetarians can enjoy so I rarely ever frequent this section unless I am craving the arancini, which is filled with cheese and peas. And for some reason they stick lemon garlic broccoli in this area, which is surprisingly good. 

The tavola calda has quite a few things I enjoy. Although I notice a lot of seafood in this area, this is where they keep the roasted rosemary potatoes which are one of my favorite dishes here. I also love the zucchini fritta which is basically Italian tempura and is fantastic with ranch sauce. 

Salad is always my favorite part of the meal, as when I eat, I usually start with a salad before moving onto my next course--of course. I have tried almost all of the salads here. As much as I love the pasta genovese here, my favorite is the caprese followed by the insalata mediterraneo and fresh beet salad. 

I love soup, but usually never eat it here. I have tried all of the vegetarian-friendly soups and I think if I had to choose my favorite one, it would easily be the pomodoro zuppa, which is like a tomato bisque style soup. It is incredible and tastes even better when you add grated Parmesan cheese on the bottom. 

Surprisingly the pizza is decadent and has a very rustic flavor which I appreciate. Very southern Italian compared to northern Italian. Everything from the crust to the sauce to flavor is just exquisite. As much as I loved the formaggio pizza here, my favorite is definitely the margherita followed by the formaggio and the vegetali. 

What I not only love, but appreciate about this fine restaurant is the fact that it offers not one, but 10 different types of pasta on the buffet. I am modestly finicky about pasta; however, I love the pasta here. It's authentic and has a flavor that compares to the fine eateries of Milano, Florence, Rome, and Naples. The penne tomato vodka is probably my favorite here followed by the rigatoni eggplant and farfalle carbonara. 

The bakery is probably my favorite part because they make these made-to-order crepes that are delicious. The fresh cannoli is still my favorite, I think followed by the piccolo pasticceria. They have about 20 different types of gelato. I have tried almost every single one, but I still always find myself getting pistachio every single time I visit. 

Now, this is just the dinner menu. The lunch menu is relatively different and doesn't include as many things, but most of these wonderful Italian classics can be found on the buffet during that time. 

The brunch is very much like the lunch menu, but includes a lot of extra breakfast items. You can get a lot of great breakfast items here. I personally love the made-to-order crepes, as well as, the cinnamon rolls, pancakes, and french toast. Sometimes they put out a breakfast pizza, but lately I haven't seen it. 

As a vegetarian, there are so many great things here. It isn't an Italian restaurant where there isn't a big selection or you have to worry about substituting something. Whether you are vegetarian like me or even vegan, you can find quite a lot at Cinzzetti's, making it an eatery which caters to virtually every eating lifestyle. 

Lunch is $11.49 + tax per person. Dinner is about $17.99 + tax per person. Brunch (breakfast + lunch) is about $17 per person with tax included. This excludes the drinks. 

Cinzzetti's is open Monday through Friday from 11:30 am until 2 pm for lunch. Then, for dinner 5 pm until 8:30 pm Monday through Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, this wonderful Italian eatery is open until 9 pm for dinner. And then on Sunday, you can enjoy dinner here at 3 pm until 8 pm. Brunch is served all day Saturday and Sunday from 11 am until 3 pm. Dinner starts at 3 pm on both of those days. 

Do I recommend Cinzzetti's? Yes. If you love Italian food, you will love it here. Would I ever eat here again? Absolutely. As I stated earlier, I always find myself here when I am visiting Denver. For more information about Cinzzetti's, call (303) 451-7300 right now.


Jessica said…
This is, hands down my favorite restaurant in Colorado. The food tastes like it was made by 5-star chefs.