Random thought: I got my period today

I Got My Period Today
I woke up this morning and went directly to the bathroom, only to discover my menstrual cycle started today. I want to address that I don't usually share details on this blog regarding this as it is quite personal, but something is special about this because I noticed something remarkable about it. I have been getting my period on every single holiday for the last six months. At first I thought it was purely a coincidence, but now I think it is truly a sign. 

This pattern of periods started on Independence Day (July 4th) and has been happening since then. Today is Christmas and my period for the month started earlier today. Last month, I received my red wedding during Thanksgiving which was November 28th. The month before that I received mother nature's gift on Diwali, a Hindu holiday which occurred on October 27, 2019. 

Today it is Christmas. And guess what? I got my period. 

I signed up in October for Cora, a period subscription service and brand that delivers organic tampons and toxic-free pads right to my door. You simply take the quiz which consists of a few questions. Then, you look at offers available before selecting the type of plan you want to get. 

A starter kit is only $5, which is great because you can try the product. This covers six pads and six tampons. The pads are good for both regular and overnight cycles. The tampons are regular and super. And again, this is based on the quiz you take and the quantity of product you are requesting. If you are interested in joining Cora, just click here right now.

Before I end this blog post, I just want to say that I did not write this blog post as an excuse to promote Cora. I used my own money for this subscription. I discovered them through their advertising and was intrigued because most of you already know--I love subscription boxes and this one supports a wonderful cause. I have never been paid by Cora nor have I been sent any free product to mention. In fact, I am not sponsored at all by Cora. 

I just want to share true commentary based on something that is on my mind, a thought. A thought I found to be interesting and perhaps you will too. With that said, thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day. Merry Christmas.

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Anonymous said…
That is certainly intriguing. God loves you.