RIP Edward Aschoff

As you may or may not already be aware, college football host Edward Aschoff has died. After suffering a long health battle with pneumonia Aschoff died today at the age of 34. First and foremost, I want to say that I am so sorry to Edward Aschoff, as he is probably looking down from Heaven and asking "why did she decide to give me advice now?" and as baffled, as those who share a strong objection to what I shared. It was ignorant and I honestly didn't think anyone would respond regarding my tweet. 

I do apologize to those I offended regarding my health advice to the ESPN college football reporter Ed Aschoff, but most importantly to Ed himself. It was simply immature, as the timing was off. Although the advice I shared worked for me when I was sick with pneumonia, I am well aware that many will object to it simply because it is a natural remedy and highly disproved by medical professionals. It is also modestly unorthodox, as It also discredits scientific research. I should have wrote a disclaimer that this worked for me, instead of sharing it as "gospel" which was definitely a mistake. 

The advice I gave was to take peppermint oil and to drink water mixed with black salt and lemon. As a woman who has taken antibiotics for pneumonia that didn't go away (and when it did, it returned days later) I used this remedy to cure my own sickness with the infection. I caught the pneumonia via respiratory from a relative who had it first. When I originally caught it, I felt like I was right about to open death's door. Why? Because I never get sick, was feeling like I was about to die, and had no clue why this horrible infection would plague my entire body. 

Needless to say, the remedy knocked the infection completely out of my system, just a few days later. Black salt (or kala namak) is an Indian volcanic rock salt primarily used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is not known in the United States at all, unless you utilize this form of medicine or you are from India. As potent as peppermint is, it does fight many bacterial infections and is diluted when mixed with oil. Lemon is a great source of vitamin C. Not the best source, but a great source that tastes well with black salt and water. 

This has worked for me personally. I am deeply sorry for offering advice at the wrong time and although the advice has worked personally for me, I should have been more empathetic and refrained from sharing it publicly under his post, knowing he was recently deceased. As much as I want to punish myself for being ignorant, it happened and unfortunately, I cannot take it back. I can; however, move upward and forward and humble myself, as well as, apologize to those of you I have hurt or offended. 

In all honesty, tweeting this was simply way beneath me and who I am as a person. I deleted the tweet and I wholeheartedly apologize to everyone I offended. 


Anonymous said…
Good to see you learned from it. I respect you now since you apologized. I am all for natural remedies but I wasn't happy about you offering the advice on his tweet knowing he died. That was tacky. But good to see you owned up to it. Merry Christmas!
Unknown said…
I respect how you apologized, and I have no I'll thoughts towards you for an untimely post, but I do have issue with your belief that peppermint oil and black salt fixed your pneumonia. I realize that you are only claiming it worked for you, but I highly doubt that was the case...I'd guess it was more of your body fixing itself, or even a prolonged engagement of the antibiotics. Countless research has proven time and time again that these holistic remedies do nothing to combat infections and cancers, but people still cling to it like it's the fix all. I don't know why this country has a recent obsession with holistic natural healing, but if we don't start putting our brains to use and getting away from it, many people are going to die. I beg you...don't take that useless crap again when you're sick. Go to a licensed physician and get actual medicine that works (or at least works a majority of the time).
Anonymous said…
I wasn’t happy about the original tweet and even blocked you on Twitter out of anger, but I’m happy you apologize for your mistake. Even professional doctors don’t give advice on Twitter. You seem like a smart woman but the advice you gave was stupid. I don’t hate you and I hope you don’t repeat this kind of mistake again.
Unknown said…
That is VERY big of you to issue such a heartfelt apology. The bottom line is that you did try and help with what you knew. And, as sad as it is to say, it looks like this gentleman followed the "proper medical advice" as some might call it, and he still succumbed. Pneumonia is dangerous, and neither medical science nor natural remedies has got it 100% figured out. All we can do, when neither helps, is to care for one another. Your apology shows that you even care for your detractors.
Sarah said…
I posted the message after he died. It was way beneath me. It was a mistake which I undeniably regret and probably will for quite a while. I am uncertain if my advice would have helped him or not, as I did not know he was sick. I use to watch ESPN, when I use to watch television, but since I don't watch television anymore, I didn't know much of him or whether or not he was sick and possibly suffering from an underlying illness. It does break my heart that he is gone, as he was only 34 years old.

I do apologize to those I offended as it wasn't my intention. I was speaking for myself regarding my own experience, but it was not good as he passed away and I wrote directly underneath his tweet asking for advice moments after his name was trending. I didn't think anyone would respond, but they did. I would have still deleted the tweet even if I wasn't getting hammered with responses about how ignorant it was, which in actuality it was.

And again, I am wholeheartedly sorry. With that said, Merry Christmas.
Anonymous said…
Viral pneumonia is not affected by antibiotics or any holistic/naturalistic remedy. Viruses must run their course. You can support your immune system but you can't cure a virus. FYI.
Anonymous said…
Great article regarding Ed. I was angry at first but, since you apologized I actually like you and I like your blog. Thanks for sharing.