President Donald Trump's Impeachment

As you are aware, President Donald Trump is currently going through a set of hearings before the house of representatives, where they will make the final decision in a few days whether or not he will be impeached as the 45th president of the United States. The inquiry for impeachment originally started back in September after an alleged whistle-blower reported Trump's abuse of power. This, of course, prompted an investigation followed by a series of impeachment hearings. And as you are probably aware, the hearings started earlier this month and have been ongoing ever since. 

The original inquiry was submitted by Nancy Pelosi and six congregational committees where they stated that president Trump betrayed his oath in office, the security of the United States, and the integrity of the country's elections. Emphasizing on obstruction of justice, they are trying to perpetuate the narrative that Trump is abusing his power as head of state. Additionally, the impeachment inquiry states that Trump reached out to a foreign government (Ukraine) in efforts to get "dirt" on rival politician (in this case Joe Biden) for re-election purposes by bludgeoning President Volodymyr Zelensky into giving him information. 

This is unarguably false. 

In case you are unaware, Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden was heavily involved with a company in the Ukraine which was charged with embezzling a lot of money. Burisma (the energy company) and Mykola Zlochevsky, it's founder. I am hearing all sorts of figures. At first I heard $30 million, but then I am hearing the figure is at least $30 billion. There is talk that Hunter Biden received billions of dollars from them, which is what president Trump was originally investigating. As Biden maintains that his net worth is $2-$3 million, many theorists are speculating the figure is much higher. Trump was closely looking into this since Biden served Burisma board from 2014 until April of this year. 

Instead of answering the question of who, what, where, how, and why--they decided to team up and start an impeachment inquiry together to save face because they are clearly benefiting from Biden's payday in some way and rightfully aware president Trump was investigating the claims against him. At least that is my personal opinion. In efforts to silence Trump and make him back off intrinsically, they are attempting to deflect from the original investigation by making president Trump look like a terrible person who is attempting to humiliate Joe Biden. I also believe Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the democrats are merely distracting Trump from his presidential duties because they cannot stand him, which they will never directly admit to. 

So, do I think President Donald Trump will be impeached? Every single person involved in the submission of the impeachment are democrats, which sadly, does not work in president Trump's favor. I am sure there are quite a few people within this party who believe this impeachment is absurd. But as the democrats kind of rule congress, I believe he is going to be impeached simply because they dislike him and the ratio of democrats to republicans is far greater in congress than the senate. 

Do I think President Donald Trump should be impeached? Absolutely not. It's an infringement upon Trump's liberty to undermine his rights, especially as an American citizen. I believe he had the right to investigate Hunter Biden simply because Biden was involved with a company in Ukraine accused of embezzling a lot of money. I believe if the tables were turned this impeachment wouldn't even exist. In fact, I believe the inquiry would have never made the stage at all. The investigation into Hunter Biden isn't because Joe Biden is his father (which is what Nancy Pelosi and parties are trying to prove) it is because he was involved with a company which embezzled a lot of money and as a result, Hunter ended up with a fortune with no real proof as to why.  

This leads me to the question: If Hunter Biden was involved with a company which embezzled $30 billion, how much did he receive from the company? And if Joe Biden forced Ukraine to stop the investigation, what was his reason for doing so? If they cannot answer this question (which they failed to do so) why should president Trump be impeached for simply asking it? Is this a tool to intimidate Trump into resigning because they fear Trump will win the next election? Or is this because they supremely dislike Trump and what he stands for? 

Since president Trump has taken on his duty as commander-in-chief he has made the United States the net natural gas exporter, improved the screening and vetting of immigrants, levied tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum, increased oil production, increased the exporting of coal, made animal cruelty a felony, eliminated marginal taxes for small business owners, and reduced high-dose opioid use. Furthermore, the unemployment rate is the highest it has ever been in years and the median household income is the strongest right now. To acquit Trump based on what he said in the past or based on your own personal hatred of him is absurd. 

This impeachment inquiry only exists as a distraction. Granted, Trump has said outlandish things in the past, he has delivered results as president. President Trump is a businessman, he has never been a politician nor ever really delved himself into the political spectrum until recent years. When he was just a wealthy businessman most politicians including Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden loved picking at his pockets for donations for their campaigns. Now that Trump has become president, they now see him as a threat. 

I believe the senate will reject the impeachment and our president will be acquitted simply because this is clearly unconstitutional, a double standard, a diversion, and clearly unfair. 


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