The iOS 13.2.3 update is causing problems

Apple is usually great with updates; however, this latest update has made my phone become extremely weird. I noticed an awkward change about the day of Black Friday (November 29th) the day I updated my phone. The update was released days prior; however, I had no issues with my phone and was anxiously anticipating the frequent iOS updates, as they are vital.  

Today I fell asleep and had my iPhone plugged in, where it was at 100% only to wake up to a black screen with a red charging symbol in the front of it. After restarting it relentlessly, I was finally able to get my smart phone out of the weird loop it was in. I noticed something very strange though. Instead of saying 100% charged, my phone said it was 10% charged.

As I type this, this just happened again. It has been happening more often than not and I noticed this problematic bug occurring at least once a day. As I want to say sporadic, this is happening way too much for it to be my phone. 

Weird right? 

The iOS 13.2.3 update promises an array of fixes and resolutions, but is causing more problems than none. I thought maybe my battery needs to be replaced, as it is relatively low, but still higher than 80% which is considered a health hazard in battery years. My mother's phone has a very low battery (in the 76% range) and her iPhone is fine; however, she avoided the iOS 13.2.3 update. 

The problem is the 13.2.3 update. 

Please Apple fix this update. It is causing a lot of problems for my iPhone. As a longtime Apple consumer, I think I deserve better than this.