Didn't We Almost Have It All by Sarah Afshar

Didn't We Almost Have It All is one of those songs that makes me think of Whitney Houston. Granted this is her song, but it was one of her songs that really reminds me of how incredible her voice was. And it is how I will always remember her because it was who she was before darkness invaded her life.

This song is a love song, as this was recorded during the 80's. The message tells a story about a woman remembering her experience with a man she met and fell for. And although love is implied, if you listen closely to the lyrics, it is as if they were told by a woman who was close to finding love or almost found love, but didn't. 

I decided to hop on one of my favorite apps right now, Smule and record it. I added a little more rock to make it roll, as the soul was already there. Whitney Houston was definitely one of a kind and will never be replaced.

To listen to my recording of this amazing song, simply watch the video above. If you cannot see or hear the video, just click here right now. A word of advice (and I know I have shared this already) listen to this wearing headphones. Happy Monday!