I type 108 WPM

It is official, I type 108 words per minute. Recently, I decided to take a typing test online to see how good I would do. The test is like any other standard typing test, where they give several paragraphs and you have to type them out, etc.

Low and behold, I was able to flush out 109 WPM (or words per minute) with only one error. The test calculates everything based on strokes and evidently if you receive an error, your word drops as a result.

So, instead of typing 109 words per minute and one error, I type 108 words per minute. Kind of like an estimate response. Although I am a little surprised that I type this many words per minute, I am not shocked as I love to write in the pitch dark.

I will say that I am also very surprised that I am/was number one on this site and how my speed ranks with other users who utilize this particular platform to test their typing skills. And even more shocked at how fast I can type in spite of having long fingernails too. Needless to say, it was fun.


Anonymous said…
At 108 words per minute, typing is an incredible feat of speed and efficiency. I'm amazed that someone can type so quickly and accurately - it's a skill I would love to master someday! It's impressive how much one can accomplish in a short amount of time when typing with such proficiency; it almost seems like magic!