Golpari (acapella) on Smule

In early December, I recorded this acapella on Smule. In case you are wondering, Smule is a karaoke-style of app which allows you to record music. I've shared some of my recordings already here on this site/blog from there. 

The acapella is from a song I wrote called Golpari. You can listen to the full demo version of this song here. This song has always took a backseat, but remains to be an important part of my musical work. In spite of needing severe editing (Adobe Audition, please help me) I can say that I am proud of it. 

To listen to the acapella version of Golpari on Smule, simply click here right now. 


Anonymous said…
Very beautiful. Your beautiful voice definitely matches your beautiful face. I am surprised you aren’t famous.