Cheti Chand 2019

Chetri Chandra is one of the most popular holidays in Rajasthan, India. Based on the lunar cycle of the lunisolar Hindu calendar, this two-day celebration marks the arrival of Spring and harvest. It also marks the birth of Uderolal, in the year 1007. Although Uderolal was known as a freedom fighter, he believed everyone of every faith deserved the same treatment. 

During the vibrant festivities of Cheti Chand, Hindus indulge in grand feasts, revel in joyful gatherings, immerse themselves in soul-stirring melodies, and embark on pilgrimages to temples housing their beloved ishta devta. As part of the tradition, certain Hindus, particularly Sindhi Hindus, venture to the nearest body of water, laden with gifts as offerings.

These gifts include: 

Misiri - granulated or crystal sugar
Fota - cardamom
Fal - fruits
Jyot - oil lamp

Other gifts include a water jar (commonly known as a kalash) and some nariyal (or coconut) wrapped in a cloth and covered with flowers and leaves. 

In addition, Cheti Chand brings forth the observance of Chaliho Saheb, Baharana Sahib, and heartfelt Chet Chand wishes. Similar to many holidays, including restricted ones like this, most businesses remain closed.

I am just discovering the holidays of Hinduism, including this one. Although this holiday isn't one I follow presently, I can admit that I appreciate it. To all of you who celebrate today, happy Cheti Chand day.