Black Smoothie

After a long day at the office, I decided that I wanted some food bliss. I was craving a smoothie, especially something cold so I took the liberty of heading to my kitchen to make one of the most amazing smoothies I have ever consumed, the black smoothie. You are probably wondering "what on earth is a black smoothie?" as it is quite a rarity in the world of healthy drinks. A black smoothie is basically a mixture of only few fruits and ingredients, with the main ingredient being activated charcoal. 

So, I basically added fresh golden pineapple to my Cuisinart blender followed by golden mango and peaches. Then, I added some activated charcoal followed by some sea buckthorn berries, organic sugar cane juice, Vita Coco coconut water and some ice. 

This smoothie totally exceeds in my expectations, as it is extremely delicious. It is also modestly filling and gives me a much needed boost. The black smoothie is truly one I think I will make more often. 

Activated charcoal is not absorbed by the body, so it basically traps and eliminates all toxins in your body. This powerful antioxidant basically grabs the bad molecules in our bodies, traps them and eliminates them. 

Incredible right? 

Activated charcoal is extremely beneficial to health, as the benefits are endless. It is great for those of you with stomach and gut issues, including those of you with digestive and gas issues. It is amazing for those of you who suffer from kidney issues including those of you who suffer from kidney stones. It lowers cholesterol levels and is great if you have high cholesterol. It helps with those of you who suffer from potent and strong body odor. Another great use is insomnia, as this powerful holy grail can help you get more sleep at night. It helps those of you who suffer from any skin issues such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. And it also helps to whiten your teeth. 

Some people actually consume activated charcoal if they intend to get drunk, as most believe this cult-classic staple is great for hangover prevention. Personally, I've never tried this as I don't drink often. And as you may or may not already be aware, it is used in hospitals for people who have overdosed on drugs and/or poisons, as it works to attack and eliminate them in the body. Additionally, activated charcoal helps work as a natural water filter and works to remove fluoride and various forms of bacteria. 

Although I am not vegan (at least at the moment, I currently identify as vegetarian) I have been eating vegan for about three days and this smoothie is a great addition to virtually any vegan and/or raw vegan diet. It is also great for fruitarians also. 


Stacy Barbee said…
This smoothie is very essential when we go for the weekend or on a vacation. Where it it is hard to get all of the nutrients that body wants but you carry a bottle of this you will feel like right back on track! But also its very important to know when and how you take activated charcoal. The best time to drink charcoal is either at the start of the day if you won’t be having breakfast.  
Ntensibe Edgar said…
Hhhhmmmm....this is totally new to me. I use activated charcoal for tummy upsets, only. I will need to try this.
This smoothie sounds amazing. I drink coconut water and it is definitely an energy booster. I will give it a try.
I love smoothies! I've never heard of putting activated charcoal in it. But I have heard the benefits.
Matt said…
Very cool! I have never used activated charcoal. I will have to try it out sometime. :)
GiGi Eats said…
Unfortunately for me, activated charcoal is poison. I took it when I was feeling woozy and had digestive issues and... It poisoned me for 3 days! I couldn't get off my couch I was in so much pain and felt like I was dying :(
I love smoothies! I´ve never thought of activated charcoal as an ingredient! It has so many detox properties! Sea buckthorn berries must also add a great flavor to this whole mix!
emman damian said…
Black smoothie is so refreshing! I would like to try it. So interesting! It's detoxifying too!
Eileen M Loya said…
This is interesting. I never knew you could consume (eat) activated charcoal. All I know of it is that it is in toothpaste or in a face wash. I want to try your black smoothie recipe sometime. Saved the recipe!
Travelwisesr said…
Have never had the opportunity to have an activated charcoal smoothie before although I love them. This is absolutely new and would love to have a go.
Melanie said…
Oh wow this is a new thing for me...not heard of a activated charcoal smoothie before...would love to try xx