10 reasons why I believe Morgan Ingram was murdered

As many of you are already aware, I have had the opportunity to interview Toni Ingram, the mother of Morgan Ingram, a beautiful and bright young woman from Carbondale, Colorado who was stalked and murdered in early December of 2011. When I was with Yahoo! Voices, I published the first interview in late November of 2012. In July of 2014, Yahoo! got rid of the Voices platform. As a result, all exclusive rights to the content I produced were reverted back to me, so I took it upon myself to publish it on this  blog. You can read the original interview here.

In April of 2014, a few months prior to the closing of Yahoo! Voices, I had the opportunity to speak with Toni again. I had a lot of questions, as does anyone who has garnered an interest in this particular case. A lot of things happened in that particular time frame and there was a gap between 2012 to 2014. You can read the second interview here. Then, in August I interviewed Morgan's brother Ryan who also shared some very interesting details with me. You can read that interview here.

1. Drug Levels - When looking at the toxicology reports, I noticed quite a few things that didn't make sense to me and one of them includes the amount of drug in her blood. Morgan Ingram had 7,909 ng of Amitriptyline in her blood stream. With 900-1,000 ng being considered "lethal" how can one explain the remaining 6,909-7,009 amount in Morgan's blood? You can listen to my podcast about this here.

2. Gastric Fluids - Morgan Ingram had an old prescription of Amitriptyline that expired over 2 years prior to her murder. When the bottle was found, only a few pills were missing from this particular prescription. Why is that? With 2,287,440 ng in Morgan's gastric fluids, it is impossible that the drug was from that particular bottle. Even if Morgan would have taken the entire bottle, it would not reach such a high amount. This is also explained in my part 1 podcast, which you can listen to here.

3. Date Rape Cocktail - The toxicology reports tell a story. A very tragic yet sad story of a woman who was murdered. When looking at them, I could not help but notice very small amounts of drugs. Upon research, I discovered that they are used frequently in a date rape cocktail. Why would Morgan Ingram have Cyclobenzaprine in her system? I also discussed this particular association in the podcast too.

4. Police Reports - When I first read the police reports, I noticed quite a few discrepancies. One of the major issues, problems per se that I had with the reports was only a few sentences for a month's work. At first, I assumed the detective on the case was lazy, but then I noticed that some of the paragraphs looked edited and changed. I also noticed that some of the sentences were unfinished and looked as if content was removed swiftly without checking for any errors.

5. Rape Kit - Saying "no sign of sexual trauma" does not mean rape kit nor does it mean a rape kit was ever done. For a young woman who was a victim of stalking, why was no rape kit administered? Was Morgan Ingram ignored by law enforcement? An unidentified mark was picked up by a blue light on Morgan's chest. Why was this ignored?

6. Autopsy Photos - The autopsy photos show strangle marks as well as, a swollen and bloody lip. The photos also show other unidentified marks on Morgan's face and body. Not only do the autopsy photos reveal signs of a struggle, they also prove that Morgan Ingram did not take her own life.

7. Street Clothes - When Morgan Ingram was originally found dead, she was discovered wearing street clothes. A light colored shirt with a black bra. She also wore jeans that she didn't wear often and they were unbuttoned too. What was the killer's intention exactly? The man who took Morgan's life obviously didn't want to go purchase a tarp late at night into early morning.

8. Refusal of Dr. Dobersen's opinion - The pathologist on this case changed the cause and manner several times before attempting to come to the hypothetical opinion that Morgan Ingram committed suicide and died of Porphyria. This, of course is so false. When Dr. Dobersen attempted to intervene and give is opinion of why he believes this is a homicide, the pathologist on this case refused and attempted to belittle Dobersen in the process. Why would he do that? Considering Dobersen's credentials outweigh his and he has more experience with these types of crimes too.

9. Rainer Jundt - Why did the detective and sheriff only interview a few people who knew Morgan Ingram? Why did they not speak with Rainer Jundt who knew her more than anyone other than Toni and Steve? Rainer had a lot to tell my boyfriend Joe in this exclusive interview.

10. Suicide Note - Morgan Ingram heavily embraced the arts. She loved singing, playing piano, painting, dancing and writing. If she intended to take her own life, don't you think you think she would have left a suicide note? She didn't leave a suicide note because she did not take her own life. She was not a suicidal person. Even her friends can vouch for that. You can read my interview with them here.

Note - If Morgan were to take any pills, don't you think she would have went for medication stronger than Amitriptyline? There are many things she could have taken. Think about it.

I have always had an interest in true crime. When I was a little girl, I would love to watch Unsolved Mysteries. The one with Robert Stack (RIP). Everything from the stories to Stack's haunting voice, the show was one of the greatest ever on television. And although my experience with this particular genre is quite new, I have still managed to research and discover that not everything is what it seems and that evil is very much alive and well in the world right now. You may disagree with what I have to say, as some of you may not be able to handle these facts and attempt to discredit me by spreading lies about me, but guess what? I don't care (if you do, you can read here). Why? Because these are my reasons for believing that Morgan Ingram was murdered.

For more information about the stalking and murder of Morgan Ingram, please visit the official website today. Just click here.


Anonymous said…
Do you think they used the liquid Amitriptyline in a tube and shoved it down her throat? If he has done this before, do you think some of the other drugs were dried up and still on the tube?
Anonymous said…
I believe Morgan Ingram was murdered. I don't believe for one second that a woman with her persona and character would ever take her own life. It's very awkward how the man who was stalking her has been in trouble many times including multiple times for criminal trespassing and yet that was overlooked. Also very strange to see only one paragraph for over a month of work. I don't believe this woman took her own life. I believe it was a homicide.
Anonymous said…
Murder is a serious allegation; however, no one knows their daughter more than their own parents. I believe Toni is telling the truth because lets face it, she's Morgan's mother. Since day one, I have always thought this was a murder. Don't let these people destroy your true mission and cause. They don't know Morgan, they don't know Toni and they don't know you. Just propaganda in order to protect a more than likely guilty party.
Anonymous said…
Who is Keenan Vanginkel? Is he the guy that murdered Morgan Ingram?
Unknown said…

Praying for you, your family and that the person who did this to Morgan will be identified and held accountable. I just wanted to ask about the analysis of Morgan's stomach contents as I know you wrote the coroner did not complete an analysis of the stomach contents at the time of Morgan's autopsy which is true but when I read over the official report it seems that Morgan's stomach contents were sent to a lab for analysis on 6/6/12. Please see the following taken from Morgan's official autopsy report:

In consideration of the case review, the gastric contents were sent for analysis on June 6, 2012. The results of the analysis of the gastric contents revealed a 2287440 ng/mL concentration of Amitriptyline. Although the exact number of pills ingested cannot be determined, based upon the stomach content volume and Amitriptyline concentration, approximately 18 tablets of 25 mg Amitriptyline tablets would be necessary to reach such a concentration. The amount of ingested drug is far in excess of the prescribed dosage and far in excess of a typical inadvertent over dosage. A 175 ng/mL concentration Cyclobenzaprine was also found in the stomach contents. The amount consumed is consistent with a deliberate intoxication. The results were reviewed again with a toxicologist

Did the coroner ever speak with Dr Tracy? Because if he did then he would know Dr Tracy offered Morgan medication to help with nerves and/or depression and Morgan refused them. Morgan denied feeling depressed and sad things were getting better to Dr Tracy 31 hours before her passing.

Why did the coroner feel that he had to see signs of forced ingestion of Amitryptoline? Does he not take into account that the perpetrator had a weapon and threaten Morgan with killing mom and dad if Morgan did not take medicine. If perpetrators had a gun to my head and threatened my family if I didn't take this liquid you can bet that I am taking the medication.

If Morgan had 12 pills from 2010 then where did the 18 pills come from? Anyone who wants to harm self would not leave any pills in their bottle. So if Megan wanted to harm self why would she leave 12 pills?

I think that coroner is sadly mistaken and not looking at all the facts. Why did he write that there was no indication of stalking when you had police reports that very clearly indicated that someone was harassing Morgan?
Mangeris said…
Definitely murder!
Michael Odegard said…