SKAM Artist remember Prince

Prince doing what he does best, performing live
at Coachella in 2008.
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Prince was an iconic superstar, as he was songwriter and singer, the man was a true entertainer. As a little bit of rock n' roll, soul, funk and even jazz, Prince was a composer and a multi-instrumentalist who mastered over 20 instruments by the time he was 30. He also laid out the tracks and produced a majority of his music too. 

He was an innovator, creator, a teacher and most importantly, a hard worker. And on April 21st the world cried nothing, but purple tears as Prince tragically lost his life at his Paisley Park home and recording studio in his hometown, Chanhassen. The world was shocked, as the world continues to grieve by the lost of one of the greatest artists the world of music has ever scene. 

“Prince was in a class all his own. He inspired everyone in the music industry, from DJs, to singers and rappers, producers and beyond. Prince changed the game with the way he fought for his craft every single day. He will be missed beyond measure.” Sujit Kundu, founder of SKAM Artist told Examiner and AXS. 

SKAM Artist DJ Irie weighed in on his thoughts about the death of the popular icon. He told Examiner and AXS, “Prince’s passing hit me like a freight train. I was actually on a flight doing some work on the in-flight wifi when I noticed a bunch of tweets coming through saying “RIP Prince.” Prince’s impact on music will be heard and felt from now until the end of time. He was the peoples artist, he was an artists artist, he was everything that a true artist and musician should stand for and embody. That level of passion is what makes his music so timeless and impactful. In losing Prince we didn’t just lose a talented artist, we’ve lost one of the most powerful forces in all of entertainment.” 

“The music world has tragically lost an icon. Prince is undoubtedly one of the biggest artists of our generation. There was always something mysterious about him, you always wanted to know more,” SKAM Artist Jerzy told Sarah Afshar of Examiner and AXS. “Prince crossed all genres, and defied all stereotypes. His music was groundbreaking, taking unorthodox sounds and creating something that was one-of-a-kind in every respect. Many of today artists still draw inspiration from his work. He will definitely be missed, but he will never be gone. His music and legacy will live on.” 

SKAM Artist Saint Clair told Examiner and AXS, "I'm devastated. Another one of the world's shining lights has been extinguished far too early. Prince was more than just an 80's pop-star, he was a true musical genius responsible for many of the most timeless songs in history. There will be plenty more mega-stars in the music world, but there will never be another Prince." 

"Prince is the greatest artist of all time. He was all four Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and James Brown in one body. Music will never see anybody of his talent again." SKAM Artist Richard Vission shared with Sarah Afshar of Examiner and AXS. He continued, "He was all for Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and James Brown in one body. Music will never see anybody of his talent again. When are you going to see one artist write all their lyrics, play all the instruments, sing all the vocals, mix and produce their own album? He did all that and had hit songs on the radio. Sure, there are artist that have had more success, but nobody did it all themselves. Prince combined funk, rock and roll, pop, electro, R&B and created music that nobody can duplicate. His #1 single 'When Doves Cry' has no bassline. No bassline! Name another #1 single with no bassline." 

“Not only was it a shock to me, but also to the entire world. We all wanted and expected to have Prince in our ears, eyes, and hearts forever. It’s always hard to loose someone who changed so many lives. We all felt like we knew him and you really feel the loss as if you did.” SKAM Artist Caroline D'amore said. Prince was the Alternative to the Alternative. He went places people never dared to go. 

“His androgynous style opened so many doors for other artists and musician's to be as free as they want with the expression of their art. He will forever be looked up to as one of the greats that new artists will draw inspiration from.” SKAM Artist Bad Boy Bill was very shocked when he heard about Prince's death. "The death of Prince came as a shock to me as I’m sure to many. He seemed too young and always looked like he was in great physical shape. It is a tremendous loss," he shared. 

"I think Prince might have been the most talented artist of our generation. Being able to sing, perform, write, play, produce, arrange, and compose at the level he did each of those things is extraordinary. In 1984 with the release of Purple Rain, he was the first artist to have a number one album, single, and movie all at the same time, which is incredible. His music touched so many people and broke through the limits of race, gender, age or sexual preference. After his death I am learning more about how generous he was in helping others in their times of need. I think Prince made more than just an impact on music, I think he impacted the world." 

Prince's death was a very huge and tragic loss to many in the world of music. According to SKAM Artist DJ Turbulence, it is definitely that. "Prince's death is a huge loss. He influenced and impacted music from top to bottom. He played over 20 instruments, wrote his own songs and his style was one of a kind. One of the best live performers the world has ever seen. He will be missed, and his music will live on forever. Influencing this generation and many generations to come. God bless his soul and all his loved ones."

Today we lost a legend and although legends never die, Prince's music is proof they will not. And as the world continues to grieve and cry purple tears, we can only remember what Prince did for music. He will never be forgotten.