Get the hair look: Lady Gaga at the 2016 Met Gala

Lady Gaga at the 2016 Met Gala.
(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)
When it comes to being bold with style, Lady Gaga is a true risk taker. In fact, the pop star really made a statement Monday night at the 2016 Met Gala when she wore a tech theme Versace leotard with fishnet stockings along with a circuit board-inspired jacket with square shoulder pads. Although mother monster didn't wear pants, she wore perilous platform stilettos that were about at least 10 inches. As Gaga rocked a bold red lip along with a bold brow, her makeup really slayed the night; however, her hair really made a statement on it's own. And what better way to blow up the spotlight than with haute blonde hair by Haus of Gaga's very own Frederic Aspiras.

"My inspiration for the hair look was futuristic metal pop princess Gaga," Frederic Aspiras said about the hair look.

So, is it possible to re-create this hair look? Absolutely.

First and foremost, Aspiras started this look by shampooing and conditioning the pop star's hair. For this look, he used the Matrix Total Results Rock It Texture Shampoo followed by the Matrix Total Results Rock It Texture Conditioner. These products work amazingly to clarify and prime the hair.

As Aspiras continued with this hair look, he towel dried Gaga's hair before applying the Matrix Total Results Moisture Cure. This product works to detangle the hair. After applying this product, Aspiras simply combed Gaga's hair to get the tangles out. Once he accomplished this, he applied mousse throughout her hair and started to begin to section, for blow drying.

Then, starting at the nape of the hair, Aspiras applied the Matrix Total Results Wonder Boost Root Lifter to the roots of Lady Gaga's hair. When drying the hair it is very important to repeat this for every section while drying the hair. Now, taking a curling iron, Aspiras began to create a few loose waves throughout the hair. As he continued with this hair look, he applied the Matrix Style Link Mineral Mess Maker Sea Salt Spray. This product adds fantastic texture. For this look, Aspiras also embraced the 'tousle and twist' as you spray concept.

To complete this hair look, the Haus of Gaga hairstylist applied the Matrix Total Results High Amplify Hair Spray, which works to hold the height of the hair. And the best part is, it promotes a long-lasting style that lasts for hours and hours.

Congratulations! You have just re-created the Lady Gaga's hair look at the 2016 Met Gala.