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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

First look at Disney Aladdin collection by MAC Cosmetics

The MAC Aladdin Eyes palette.
In case you haven't read about the official launch of the new Disney Aladdin collection from MAC Cosmetics, you need to. Just click here right now. And in case you are unaware, Disney has teamed up with the internationally known makeup brand to launch an Aladdin themed makeup collection which features an unique fusion of precious metal tones and jeweled tones inspired by Princess Jasmine herself. 

The collection features MAC Aladdin Eyes X9 which includes nine stunning shades that are inspired by the popular Disney classic. Featuring a lot of jeweled and precious metal tones, this palette is perfect for those of you looking to embrace your inner Princess Jasmine. 
The MAC lipstick in
A Whole New World.

In addition to this eye shadow palette, MAC Cosmetics will also release one lipstick called "A Whole New World" which is a very bright and fun cool fuchsia pink with a semi-matte finish. 

And to complete the collection, MAC Cosmetics will include the Aladdin Powder, which is great for the face and the cheeks. Definitely a staple in this collection. 

The Disney Aladdin makeup collection will be available online at MAC Cosmetics, as well as, in selection MAC locations on May 16, 2019. This is on a Thursday, so mark your calendars. Don't miss Disney's Aladdin in theaters on May 24, 2019. #MACCosmetics #DisneyAladdin

The MAC Powder.

MAC Cosmetics introduces Disney Aladdin collection

A look at the new Disney Aladdin
collection from MAC Cosmetics.
Step into Spring with the Disney Aladdin collection from MAC Cosmetics. The world-renowned makeup brand has officially teamed up with Disney to create one of the most anticipated collections of the year. 

Filled with a fusion of precious metals and Princess Jasmine jewel tones, this is one collection will not limit you to three wishes only. The Disney Aladdin collection unleashes a whole new world into a dazzling place you never knew on a magical makeup ride. With unbelievable sights and an indescribable feeling, this is a collection that embraces a new world of opulently packaged, limited-edition color. 

Products vary upon Aladdin eye shadow palettes to Aladdin lipsticks to Aladdin powders and more. 

Amazing right?

This collection will be available online and in select MAC locations on Thursday, May 16, 2019. For more information visit MAC Cosmetics today. Don't miss Disney's Aladdin in theaters on Friday, May 24, 2019. #DisneyAladdin #MACCosmetics 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

MAC Cosmetics introduces the Boom, Boom, Bloom collection

The Boom, Boom, Bloom collection
by MAC Cosmetics.
As we walked into Winter with some of the greatest holiday collections of 2018 into 2019, we sweep into Spring with the new Boom, Boom, Bloom collection from MAC Cosmetics. With everything from rosy hues to pearlescent accents, this collection truly embodies a petal powered collection of real makeup goodness.

The collection will offer an array of new items that are "cherry blossom" themed. Including the legendary MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ in a cherry blossom scent. This will retail for $28. I have tried virtually every single makeup setting spray around and have yet to find one that is as good as this one.

Boom, Boom, Bloom will also offer the famous MAC Strobe Cream in 'PinkLite', which is a stunning iridescent, pink pearl highlighter cream that can be applied to the face and to the body. This will retail for $34. I love to apply this after I apply my primer for a very dewy look. I also love to apply this on my décolletage for some highlight. 
Fleur Real.

MAC Cosmetics will introduce two new stunning highlighters with this collection. The first one is 'Fleur Real' which is a lavish light pink highlight. This is subtle yet pigmented and works with virtually every skin tone. The other new addition to the Boom, Boom, Bloom collection is 'Spring Bling' which is a ravishing reddish brown highlighter that literally looks like the sun came down from the sky and kissed your face. These highlighters will retail for $30 each.

So, is this all that is going to be added into the Boom, Boom, Bloom collection? Absolutely not. Like practically every other collection with this world-renowned makeup brand, they are going all out. Retailing for $18.50 each, these pigmented glosses will come in four new shades to complement the collection. They include: For The Frill Of It (a pearly light pink), Pink-A-Boo (a bright blue pink), Cherry Mochi (a warm raspberry pink) and Heartmelter (a midtone rosy pink).

Boom, Boom, Bloom will also being offering not one, but 5 new lipstick shades. Amazing right? Retailing for $19.50, these highly pigmented yet moisturizing lip products also feature a vanilla scent and/or flavor which makes wearing them fun. The colors MAC will be introducing with this collection include: Hey, Kiss Me! (a pastel pink with a cremesheen finish), Wagasa Twirl (a dirty blue pink pearl with a matte finish), Hi-Fructease (a pink coral with a matte finish), Tsk Tsk! (a bright warm pink with a matte finish) and Framboise Moi (a raspberry pink with a matte finish). 
Eyeshadow X9: Kabuki Doll.

In addition to adding an array of lip products to this collection, MAC Cosmetics will be adding an actual eye shadow palette. The Eyeshadow X9:Kabuki Doll palette will feature nine unique shades. The palette will retail for $33 which is a great value considering the eye shadows are extremely pigmented and are versatile in color. The shades in the palette include: Dust Off (a soft beige shimmer with a frost finish), Fortune Kookie (a frosty rusted pink with a frost finish), Making Mauvey Moves (a mauve pink with a matte finish), Don't Be Koi! (a rosy gold with a frost finish), Spicy Dynasty (a yellow brown with a matte finish), Bamboo-Zled (a pinky brown with a veluxe pearl finish), Kyoto Kitty (a red bronze with a frost finish), Kabuki Doll (a plum red with a matte finish) and Tokyo Drifter (a shimmery mid-tone taupe with a veluxe pearl finish). The palette is perfect for every skin tone under the sun and really complements this collection.

The Boom, Boom, Bloom collection will be available online Monday, March 4, 2019 and in select MAC stores on Thursday, March 7, 2019. #BoomBoomBloom

Saturday, October 7, 2017

My top 5 favorite nude lipsticks by MAC Cosmetics

From left to right: Myth, Fleshpot, Close Contact, Viva Glam II, and Crème d' Nude.
About the lipsticks...
Myth is simply a light nude with a satin finish. It's neutral, which I love. This is one of my favorite nudes by MAC because it works fantastic with my skin tone.
Fleshpot is best described as a pastel pink-beige. It's very faint and possesses a satin finish. I love the color payoff of this particular nude, as it simply works.
Close Contact is not as nude as the other lipsticks, but I enjoy it because it is a stunning amplified peach shade. This lipstick is limited edition, however; I am hoping that MAC decides to include this particular shade as a permanent selection.
Viva Glam II is simply a nude mauve shade with a satin finish. As one of MAC's best selling lipsticks since it's release in 1997, this is clearly one of the best nude lipsticks by Makeup Artist Cosmetics to date.
Crème d' Nude is what I would called a creamy warm nude. Almost like a pastel peach with a hint of beige. The finish is different from the prior lipsticks I have mentioned as it's more than a creamsheen finish.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Introducing MAC Star Trek

Introducing MAC Star Trek
What if I were to tell you that one of the most popular makeup brands in the world today is teaming up with one of the greatest shows ever on television? In fact, the television show was such a success during its air, that it has managed to find its way to the world of cinema. And today, it holds a true legacy among science fiction fanatics. MAC Cosmetics is taking beauty to a whole new level, producing makeup products that reach an intergalactic realm, honoring Star Trek and the new generation of enthusiasts. Spanning half a century, as one of the greatest sci-fi sagas, Star Trek has teamed up with MAC Cosmetics for an exclusive makeup collaboration curated with only cosmically charged hues.

For the Star Trek collection, MAC Cosmetics is introducing several new lipglass shades. These shades include: Pleasure Planet, a muted gold with a shimmer finish, Khaaannnn!, a berry with red reflects, Set to Stun, a light silver with a gold pearl finish, and Warp Speed Ahead, a plum with blue and pink reflects. These will be available for $17 each.

In addition to the new lipglasses, MAC is also introducing four new lipstick shades. These shades include: The Enemy Within, a neutral gold shimmer with a frost finish, Where No Man Has Gone Before, a pink with gold pearl and lustre finish, Kling-It-On, a deep purple with fine pink glitter and frost finish and LLAP, an icy rose champagne with a frost finish. These lipsticks will be available for $18 each.  
The collection does not end there. In fact, it is just beginning. MAC Cosmetics will also introduce the Superslick Liquid Eye Liner, an eye liner that allows you to go where no other makeup junkie has gone before. For the Star Trek collection MAC is introducing three unique shades for only $22 a piece. These shades include: On the Hunt, a true black, Nocturnal, a bright silver pearl, and Pure Show, a bright yellow gold pearl. 
MAC Lipstick in
The Enemy Within

When it comes to innovation, MAC Cosmetics is one of the few beauty brands in the world that allows you to put your best face forward. As a bonus for this collection, MAC is introducing the Trip The Light Fantastic Powder. Exclusively available in North America, this will retail for $34.

Trip The Light Fantastic Powder (North America Only). The shades include: Strange New Worlds, a sheer wash of golden coral with a pearl finish,  Luna Luster, a sheer wash of soft rose with a shimmer finish, and Highly Illogical, a sheer wash of golden plum with a fine pearl finish.

MAC Cosmetics will also introduce exclusive pressed pigment eye shadows that are only available in North America. These pressed pigment eye shadows include: To Boldly Go, a reddish copper pearl with sparkle and frost finish, Midnight, a cobalt blue with pearl sparkle and frost finish,  Bird of Prey, a dark olive green pearl with sparkle and frost finish, the Naked Time, a taupe pearl with sparkle and frost finish. The pressed pigment eye shadows will be available for $23 each. 

The collection will also include the Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash mascara in black. This will sell for $23. And MAC Cosmetics will also include the Lash Wink of an Eye for $18. 
Nail Lacquer in

So, what about the nails? MAC has got you covered. For this particular collection, they will be offering three new shades. These shades include: Skin of Evil, a yellowish green with black chunks and a frost finish, Holla-Deck, a gold sparkle with a frost finish, and Enterprise, a silver chrome with a frost finish. These polishes will be available for $14 each.

And to finish the Star Trek collection, MAC Cosmetics will offer the 184 Duo Fibre Fan Brush and the 446 Synthetic Fluffy Eye Brush  for $25 each.

MAC Star Trek will be available online at MAC Cosmetics Thursday, August 25, 2016 and in-store Thursday, September 1, 2016 until Thursday, October 13, 2016. #MACStarTrek

Friday, May 20, 2016

MAC Cosmetics introduces MAC Blue Nectar

MAC Blue Nectar
(Photo provided by MAC Cosmetics)
Inside the field of beautiful flowers, a perplexing plethora of people epitomizing blue ripe desire lies a woo of attraction with only the strongest strains of fixation and obsession over lipstick and animalistic desire. With an intriguing intoxicating essence you are not going to want to resist your instincts, as you are going to only want to let your blue nectar flow.

It is official, MAC Cosmetics is launching a brand new makeup collection consisting of 12 brand new lipsticks. The lipsticks will retail for $17 USD/$21 CAD. These lipsticks include:

Riot House, a light vivid orange (matte)

Barbecue, a vivid orange-red (matte)

Breathing Fire, a bright, warm fuchsia (matte)

Courting Seduction, a creamy pastel lavender (amplified)

Give In, a creamy natural pink (amplified)

Heroine, a bright purple (matte)

Intoxica, a bright raspberry red (matte)

Invite Intrigue a cool, bright fuchsia (matte)

Lured In, a mid-tone pastel purple (amplified)

Lust Extract, a deep royal purple (matte)

Ablaze, a bright apricot (matte)

Sweet Venom, an intense pink coral (matte)

With the launch of the new Blue Nectar collection, MAC Cosmetics is also releasing 6 new Plushglasses. The Plushglass will retail for $20 USD/$24 CAD. These Plushglasses include:

Fulfflilled, a full-blush creamy pink (cream)

Robust, a sheer bubblegum pink

In Abundance, a bright coral pink

Full For You, an ultra-cool pink with silver pearl (frost)

Ample Pink full, soft rose (cream)

Fashion Fanatic, a sheer baby pink

The Blue Nectar collection will be available online at MAC Cosmetics Thursday, June 2, 2016 and in-store Thursday, June 9, 2016 through Tuesday, June 21, 2016. #MACBlueNectar
For more updates on this collection and other collections by MAC Cosmetics, simply click here today. #MACBlueNectar #BlueNectar
The Blue Nectar collection will be available online Thursday, June 2, 2016 and in-store Thursday
June 9, 2016.

Monday, September 23, 2013

MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam II

If I had to choose one of my favorite “go-to” nude lipsticks, I would definitely have to say Viva Glam II by MAC. Like most MAC lip products, the color payoff is amazing and because it is heavily pigmented, you can build color to the desired shade you want. 

I also love the fact that it has a vanilla undertone, making it not only wearable but really pleasant to wear. Great for virtually every skin tone, this is a fantastic nude shade. Swatches are coming soon.

To snag this lipstick, visit the official MAC Cosmetics website today.