Alzheimer's Disease & Foreign Languages

Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative disease and technically developes in older people. The cause of the disease is unknown and there is no cure; however, there are treatments which vary from interventions, therapy, inhibitors, and more. Alzheimer's disease remains to be one of the most costly diseases (over $100 billion) in the United States today.

You are probably wondering "Sarah, what does Alzheimer's disease, have to do with a foreign language". The fact is, there are studies that prove Alzheimer's disease can be prevented with certain types of knowledge. One of those types of knowledge is the knowledge of knowing a foreign language. If you wanna prevent Alzheimer's disease, learn a foreign language.

Scientists have studied individuals who know just one language vs individuals who are bilingual, multilingual, etc. and they have noticed that individuals who know more than one language, possessed denser grey areas of the brain (which is said to be where information is processed). I have researched enough to understand that this is true.

Not only will it prevent the disease, but you will learn a whole new language and be thankful that you did.