Internet Cyberculture & The Five Senses: Why meeting on the internet is socially acceptable

There are a lot of pros and cons to contemplate when it comes to any kind of internet activity or the internet, in general. The first step towards understanding the social aspects of cyberculture, is finding out why the internet (or internet activity, i.e.) is socially acceptable.

It's a proven fact that you use at least one sense, when online, whereas; offline you use at least three senses. The five senses involved (Taste, Touch, Smell, Sight, and Hear) play an even bigger role than we realize.

Offline (Taste, Touch, Smell, Sight, Hear)
Online (Sight, Hear)

Let's say that Online = y and Offline = x. If we would take y and divide y into z, we would get ¼. One fourth of our entire sense make up allows us to use technology for social purposes (Cyberculture, Chat, ETC.) That is without deducting the "at least" 3 option. If we would make z 3 (instead of 5) and allow y to be just 1 (instead of 2), we would only decrease by less than a 10th percent.

I have come to the conclusion that even though technology is the way of the future and is very high in demand, internet activity increases in high percentages on a daily basis because it's skepticism has been challenged. Cyberculture has become more acceptable and it shows. My study is rather simple and clearly shows that if you enjoy an interaction that allows you to use at least one of the five senses you were born with, it is expected to be acceptable by status quo society and the vast majority.