Kaiten Sushi Restaurant located in Encino, CA

In the heart of the valley, in the west area of Encino, lies one of the most fluent, yet affordable sushi establishments in California, the Kaiten Sushi Restaurant. This attentive sushi restaurant is destined to attract the ultmate value-minded customer, leaving one remotely satisfied, as a result.

If you are looking for a place to park, this sushi establishment provides the best parking arena available. The Kaiten Sushi Restaurant is a rather small venue in comparison to other sushi establishments and it is not a good place to dine if you intend to frequent in a large group. In fact, there is no outdoor seating available. This place is rather simple, yet casual hence why it does not take reservations. It's nothing formal nor romantic, just a simple place to enjoy sushi. There is take out service available, however; there is no delivery service at the present time.

The food is presented on a conveyor-belt to which makes the environment and eating experience interesting. There is quite a lot of sushi available, however; if you see something you don't like or want something that isn't available on the conveyor-belt, you have the option of ordering from the chef for an extra $.25. The chef can prepare anything that isn't available or anything that is subjective. The service is rather attentive, yet prompt and generous. The food is rather inexpensive and is very good for the price. One may find the food average or ok or even amazing, depending on your stance on sushi. If you are a sushi fantantic, you may not appreciate this place for it's quality, as it's rather "acquired" in taste, but you will appreciate it for it's good portion, as well as, good price. The overall price is determined by individual plates, which are separated by color. Prices start from about $1.95 per plate to about $6.95 per plate.

The Kaiten Sushi Restaurant is known for their individual hand and California rolls, as they leave a lot to desire. Despite the popularity of their rolls which range from "Baked Scallop Roll" to "Spicy Tuna Roll" and much more, they offer an amazing selection of sushi, as well as, tempura, inari, biscuits, salads, and more. They also provide an extensive selection of Sake that is destined to be appreciated by the ultimate Sushi fan and lover of Japanese cuisine. This amazingly fluent sushi restaurant also provides Calpico and other Japanese inspired drinks. The Kaiten Sushi Restaurant also possess a wide range of vegan/vegetarian friendly foods that vary from Tofu Pockets with Rice to the Vegetable Spring Roll to the Avocado Roll to Eggs to Vegetable Tempura, and more. In fact, if you have something you want made a certain way, you can inform the chef and he will prepare it for you. The Kaiten Sushi Restaurant even possesses a variety of desserts that range from ice cream and sorbets to cakes, and more. One of the best desserts is the "Mixed Berry Panna Cotta" which is an amazing custard, with a fluent, yet subjective taste.

My experience with Kaiten Sushi Restaurant has been good. I truly recommend this to the ultimate value-minded individual looking to enjoy sushi in a small, yet casual eating environment, who wants to be completely satisfied as a result of their eating experience. Would I eat there again? Absolutely.

Kaiten Sushi Restaurant
17302 Ventura Blvd.
Encino, CA 91316
(818) 986-7003