The Best Belgian Restaurants in New York City

Life in the big apple can be rather tough and searching for a good restaurant can be even tougher. The good news is, despite the size of New York City, it is very much possible to find a good restaurant including a good Belgian restaurant. In modern years, Belgian's culture has migrated to the United States, primarily in New York City. It is a well known fact that Belgian culture is recognized for loving "waffles" and "French fries" however; the cuisine itself is made up of more than just that. There are many Belgian restaurants in NYC, so I have decided to narrow down the numerous restaurants to only the best in New York City.  

Discovering some of the finest Belgian food can ultimately change your life. In fact, once you discover a good meal at Markt, you just may be one of those people who have a life changing experience. If you are looking to experience the Belgian culture at it's finest, the real key is to discover only the best dishes from the Belgian culture. One of the best places to do so is at Markt. Located on 676 6th Ave. at 21st St., this Belgian restaurant proves why it is not only one of the best Belgian restaurants in New York City, but ultimately worth eating at. Breakfast and Brunch are also available. I absolutely love the "Gaufre Aux Fruits Frais Wafel Met Vers Fruit" (which is a homemade Belgian waffle with assorted fruit and topped with whipped cream) for only $10 The environment is refined, with an ounce of fresh ingenuity. The service is very civil, yet assiduous and timely. If you are a vegetarian, you will more than likely love to eat at Markt, as there is a variety. Prices start at $2 and go up to $90. Markt is open daily 8 am until 5 pm. For more information, simply call: (212) 727-3314 right now.  

One of the things I love most about Belgian food is it's ability to mix simplicity with only the best ingredients to create delicious, delectable, dishes. If you are one who hasn't tried Belgian food, I truly recommend that you try Resto. Located on 111 E. 29th St. between Park and Lexington Ave. lies one of the top Belgian restaurants in the big apple. With everything from appetizers and entrees to sides and salads and much more, Resto is definitely one of the best Belgian hot spots in NYC. The environment is satisfying, yet established. The service is really great, as they are considerate and astute. If you are a vegetarian, you will more than likely find something on the menu to enjoy. In fact, I truly recommend the "Boudin Noir Tart" (which is a Belgian delicacy that consists of crumbled cheddar and caramelized apple) for only $12. Brunch is also available for those that need the early breakfast fix. What I also love is the fact that Resto includes a bar menu, if you are one who loves pub food. Prices start at $1 and go up to $120. Resto is open Monday through Friday 12:00 pm until 3:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10:30 am until 3:30 pm, and then reopens at 5:00 pm until 11:30 pm and on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday stays open until 1:00 am and Sunday only until 10:30 pm. For more information, simply call: (212) 685-5585 today.  

Belgian food is one of the most underrated gastronomies in cuisine. If you are one that loves and appreciates new dishes, you will love Café De Bruxelles. Located on 118 Greenwich Ave. at 13th Ave., Café De Bruxelles is one of the most prominent Belgian restaurants in New York City. With everything from entrees and appetizers to soups and salads to omelets and waffles to pasta and mussels, and more, Café De Bruxelles still continues to stamp it's mark in the Belgian community. One of my favorites remains to be the "Tomato Au Montrachet" (which is a baked tomato filled with goat cheese and served with a warm basil vinaigrette) for only $9.50. Café De Bruxelles also includes many great classic Belgian pastries. You also can order from the Belgian beer list, which includes numerous Belgian beers that are supremely rare. The environment is semi-sophisticated with a cultural twist. The service is good, but varies upon person, as there are mixed reviews all over the place. If you are a vegetarian, you will more than likely find something at Café De Bruxelles that you will enjoy. Prices start at $5.00 and go up to $28.95. Café De Bruxelles is open Monday through Thursday from 12:00 pm until 11:30 pm, Friday and Saturday from 12:00 pm until 12:00 am, and Sunday 12:00 pm until 10:30 pm. For more information, simply call: (212) 206-1830 right now.

If you are one who is skeptical about trying new food, you will love Pommes Frites. Located on 123 2nd Ave. in between 7th St. and St. Marks Place lies one of the most popular, exciting Belgian eateries, Pommes Frites. With everything from delicious Belgian fries, an assortment of condiments, and lots and lots of sauces, you will enjoy this Belgian eatery. With sauces such as "pomegranate teriyaki mayo" you just have to love the ingenuity of this place. Another thing to love about Pommes Frites is the fact you can order Poutines, which start at a mere $5.00. The environment is passable, as it's more of a take-out joint than a restaurant. The service is very friendly and courteous. If you are vegetarian, you will more than likely not really care for this place, but may appreciate it for it's fries and variety of sauces. Prices start at $2.50 and go up to $7.75. Pommes Frites is open Sunday through Thursday from 11:30 am until 1:00 am and Friday and Saturday from 11:30 am until 3:30 am. For more information, simply call: (212) 674-1234 today.