Wine Reviews: Riunite Lambrusco Wine

This soft red wine from the heart of Italy is making many waves. The moment I consumed this wine for the very first time, I was dramatically impressed on a variety of wavelengths. The Lambrusco wine is rather acquired in essence. If you are looking for a sweet wine with bitter overtones, I truly recommend the Lambrusco. Although this wine is sweet and possesses individual overtones that are fluently bitter, it is flavored with a subtle, yet rich fruity flavor. What makes this round, yet deep wine so impressive is the fact it is very inexpensive for the quality it represents.

Whether you are eating Persian, Italian, American, Greek, Arab, Chinese, Mexican, Vegetarian, Japanese, Polish, Indian, Egyptian, Spanish, Thai, Jewish, Hungarian, Cuban, Lebanese, Swiss, Yemeni, Filipino, Slovak, Pakistani, Turkish, African, or even French or Bistro cuisine or any food in general, Riunite Lambrusco is destined to pair well with what you are eating.

It does not need to be Italian cuisine or foods that are influenced by Italian cuisine, although it connects great with Italian foods that range from Pizza to Stasulli to Gnocci to Eggplant Parmesan to Ossobuco, and more. This amazing wine is quite flexible and has a significant way of adapting with just about any food, as a result.

Despite the criticism Riunite Lambrusco has received from several wine enthusiasts, the wine receives significant praise. In fact, June of 1993, Riunite was rewarded for becoming the first winery in Europe to receive the "CQ" (or Certified Quality) status.

Lambrusco is a rather universal, yet diverse grape combination that grows primarily in the heart of Italy. It is most commonly grown in the beautiful areas of Modena, Parma, and Reggio Emilia which are located in the center of the amazing Italian province, Emilia. Emilia is one of Italy's finest agricultural areas. The name "Lambrusco" is of latin origin and comes from the Latin word "Lambrusca" which translates to "wild vines". Some wine theorists believe the name was based on the Lambrusco's rabid, yet fast growth, individual amount accumulated, and the time era it originated (BC) to the present day of production (21st century).

This popular wine, with an exceptionally acquired taste, is best served in a chilled wine glass. To maintain freshness it is recommended by Riunite that you reseal tightly and refrigerate after opening. This wonderful wine that is making many waves has an estimated expectant, shelf life of about 1-2 years after it has been opened. The Riunite Lambrusco is available in a variety of amounts and sizes.

These include: 3L, 1.5L, 750ml and 187ml. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase this incredible wine from the Riunite website due to a variety of regulations, however; this amazingly acquired wine can be purchased in any state liquor store and (depending on state and federal regulations, as well as, individual restrictions) any grocer.

I truly recommend this wine to anyone looking to enjoy an amazing, yet inexpensive wine. I do not recommend this wine to women who are nursing, pregnant, or become pregnant. If you are going to consume this wine, it is recommended not to drive. It is also required by law that you also must be of legal drinking age limit.

Would I drink the Riunite Lambrusco wine again? Most definitely. In fact, I had a glass last night.


Jimi B said…
Hello There..came upon your site when googling Riunite wine..was wondering why it tastes so good..Im James from San Diego,Ca.
Jimi B said…
Loved the wine too...Came across your site when googling riunite wine and wondering why it tasted so good...Thought maybe they add a lot of sugar????
Anonymous said…
You're indeed right with this piece!
Unknown said…
I was gifted a huge bottle of Riunite wine and want to know its shelf life??never been opened so is it safe to drink?? P.S I know its probably 15 or more yes old by now
Sarah said…
Hello Doris. Is the Ruinite corked? If so, it is still good. If not, I would not recommend consuming it. Wines are usually good when they are sealed with a cork, but when they use a regular screw on cap they are no longer good.
san said…
all Jamaicans love this wine