What to look for in a diamond jewelry guarantee

The diamond jewelry guarantee is an option provided by your jeweler, that provides you with an array of services on your diamond jewelry purchases. Commonly known as the lifetime diamond protection plan, the diamond jewelry guarantee, makes your life easier, by helping you maintain your jewelry. The diamond jewelry guarantee usually costs a small fee and usually lasts about 2 years at the least. The diamond jewelry guarantee is also renewable, which makes it much more universally exciting. When I worked for Gordon's Jewelers, I had the opportunity to learn more about the diamond jewelry guarantee. In fact, I think I have done so many lifetime warranties and diamond bond inspections, I remember it like it was yesterday.

One of the best services to expect from the diamond guarantee is the inspection. With every diamond jewelry guarantee, a diamond bond inspection usually follows, as a result. This is a free service provided by the jewelry company, that allows you to have your jewelry inspected, on a monthly basis. Jewelry advisor's use a loop or a gem scope to look for loose diamonds and missing diamonds, as well as, radical inclusions and imperfections or any problem, associated with your piece. The loop is usually under 10x with most jewelry stores, which makes your jewelry easily visible, for the jewelry adviser to inspect.

Once the jewelry is inspected, it is then cleaned. As a part of the diamond jewelry guarantee, the jewelry adviser cleans the jewelry, free of charge. Depending on the piece of jewelry, most of the time, the jewelry is placed into an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and cleaned manually. Once the jewelry is cleaned, it is then dried using a standard paper towel. After it is dried, it is usually polished using soft polishing cloth. The diamond jewelry guarantee also gives you great tips on how to care for your jewelry, right in the comfort of your own home and maintain it's visual acuity.

If the jewelry adviser finds a loose diamond or missing diamond or any problem at all, with your jewelry, the diamond jewelry guarantee is obligated to support the repair. Sizing is also covered in repairs, along with over 200 more issues, which are separated by numbers. Usually free of charge, the jewelry is sent to the vendor to be repaired. Although several jewelers provide an in-store repair medium, most of the time the vendors are out-of-store. The estimated wait time is usually two days at the most, but varies depending on the actual piece and issue.

Another benefit of having the diamond jewelry guarantee is the fact you receive all kinds of promotions. I remember mailing individual customers and have a separate list of those that purchased the lifetime diamond protection plan. Most jewelry companies offer hundreds upon hundreds of dollars off on purchases, on a yearly basis. Some jewelry companies will even send you gift cards towards your next purchase with their business. It's quite amazing, if you think of the amount of money you say. The promotions vary, however; with the diamond jewelry guarantee, you are strictly guaranteed a little something extra special.

Unfortunately, the diamond jewelry guarantee rarely covers theft or loss. In fact, very few jewelry stores and corporations do so. If you are at the mall and you lay down your diamond ring, for whatever reason, and your ring is stolen, the diamond jewelry guarantee will not support that theft. If you can't find your jewelry or forgot where you put it, the diamond jewelry does not support that loss.

I truly recommend to everyone purchasing diamond jewelry, to get the diamond jewelry guarantee, as it is very much worth it. If you lose a diamond, the diamond jewelry guarantee will replace it. In fact, it is obligated to do so. If you do NOT have the guarantee and you lose a diamond and you wanna replace it, you will be charged the actual value of the diamond itself. Every jewelry adviser must ask if you want the diamond jewelry guarantee offer. If you go into a store and purchase a diamond ring or necklace or bracelet, etc. and they do not ask you if you want the diamond jewelry guarantee or lifetime diamond protection plan, you must ask them about the diamond jewelry guarantee. The diamond jewelry guarantee promises you great service with long-lasting commitments, but most importantly, makes your jewelry last a very long time. Not only is the value of something so beautiful, it is also priceless.