Pittsburgh Steelers Inspired Makeup Look

The Pittsburgh Steelers continue prove that they are one of the greatest football teams in the world today. Although my opinion of them being the greatest, current football team may be a little overstated to some, it is quite evident that there are also others that agree with me. Not only are the Pittsburgh Steelers the only team in history to have more AFC Championship wins then any other football team, they are also the only team to have the most Superbowl wins, making them at the top of their game. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the oldest franchise in the AFC to date, making them filled with major amounts of seniority.

Because I love the Pittsburgh Steelers so much, I have decided to create the Pittsburgh Steelers Inspired Makeup look. You don't have to be a Steelers fan to rock this look, however; it does help. Especially on game day. This is a look that can be worn at games and at parties. Are you ready? Let's get started!

First and foremost, it is very important to apply foundation primer to your face. If you are unaware, foundation primer works as a base, allowing your makeup to last longer throughout the day without fading or creasing. If you are confused as to what foundation primer to buy, I truly recommend Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer, which is what I am going to use today to create the Pittsburgh Steelers Inspired Makeup look.

Once you have applied your foundation primer, you want to let it set for about a minute before applying your foundation and concealer. Foundation is quite acquired and as some foundations work for others, those same foundations do not work for everyone. You can use any foundation you want.

Whether affordable or high-end, as long as you wear a foundation. Today, I am going to use Make Up For Ever's (commonly known as "MUFE") Invisible Cover Foundation in "160 Golden Beige". Please keep in mind that you should NOT use this shade, unless you are this shade. Shades vary upon person to person and if you are confused as to what shade you are, you want to get matched by a makeup artist, as this will determine what your actual shade is.

Concealer is entirely optional. When I apply it, I like to apply it before my foundation and then touch up after I apply my foundation. For my concealer, I am going to use Select Cover Concealer by Mac Cosmetics in NC42. Please note, as stated above, you do not have to use this actual shade. In fact, I do not expect everyone to have the same skin tone as myself, so I highly recommend getting matched at your nearest makeup counter. This will give you an idea of the kind of makeup you want to use.

As you continue, you want to apply a powder to set your foundation and concealer. There are so many types of powders. If you are looking for heavier coverage, I recommend using something that is powder based. If you are looking for light coverage, you want to use something translucent. In fact, that is what I am going to use. Translucent powder. If you know anything about translucent powder, you will know that it is rather lucid. It is clear powder which works as a setter. Lately I have developed a major love for Urban Decay's De-Slick Mattifying Powder, which is what I am going to use to set my foundation and concealer.

I want to make this a fun look, yet a wearable look that can be worn all of the time, rather than on occasion. We are going to use a luminizer. This is a beauty essential that works great to give your face a natural, yet subtle dewy look. I think that luminzers make your skin appear hydrated and as a result, your skin looks more vibrant and radiant.

Luminizers come in a variety of different forms, but for today, to create the Pittsburgh Steelers Inspired Makeup look, I am going to use a liquid form. I am going to use Stila's All Over Liquid Shimmer in "Liquid Gold" is lightweight luminizer that works as a sheen to create a nice, yet natural healthy glow.

Honestly, this look would not be no where near completion without blush. For this look, I want to use a cream based blush, as it is notorious for staying on longer than powder blush, without vanishing throughout the day. For this look, I want to use a gold blush and today, I am going to go with NARS Cream Blush in "Gold Member" which is a stunning gold shimmer. I am going to apply this generously to the apples of my cheeks creating a natural contour.

Are you having fun yet? I hope so because even if you are not, the fun is about start now. You want to begin by priming the eye. There are so many eye shadow primers in the beauty industry today, however; I love using Urban Decay's Eye Shadow Primer Potion. I am going to start by applying this all over the eyes. I am, then going to use Mac Cosmetics Paint Pot in "Blackground" which is gorgeous black pearl and apply that directly to just my lid without passing into the crease. Keep in mind, there are many dupes for Mac's Blackground, so you don't have to use this.

As you let that set for about a minute, you want to focus on applying eye shadow. For this look, I am going to use three different eye shadows. A neutral shadow, which will be the main shadow. A dark shadow, which will be the primary enhancer. Lastly, I am going to use a light shadow, which will work as a highlight. These three shades combined create a wonderful look that I am proud to have created and share with you.

Initially, for the neutral shadow, I am going to use a matte yellow. Although the Steelers are notorious for being referred to as "black and gold" the gold looks more like a bright golden yellow than it does an actual gold color. Because I used the dark paint pot, I am going to use a matte dazzling dramatic yellow eye shadow to create this look. I am going to use Mac's eye shadow in "Chrome Yellow". Using an eye shadow brush, you want to apply this all over the lid, packing it on. You want to go slightly into the crease, but you want to stop. Do not blend.

The darkest shade is very important in the creation of the Pittsburgh Steelers Inspired Makeup Look because it allows the entire look to come to life. For the darkest shade, you want to use black, but not just any black. You want to use a black that possesses shimmer, rather than a matte. For this look, I am going to open my NARS eye shadow that I bought a week ago from Sephora. I am going to use NARS eye shadow in "Night Clubbing" which is a black shimmer that is more on a gold pearl wavelength, rather than silver. There are so many in the market, it would be impossible not to find a dupe for what I am using. Using an angled brush, you want to apply the darkest shade on the corner of your eye, into the lid, slightly passing up into the crease. You want to blending by smoking it over about half way. Then using a crease brush, you want to apply it to the crease.

Last but not least, I am going to apply my lightest shade. For this shade, I am going to use a white matte. I am going to use Make Up For Ever's eye shadow in "White 0". I am going to apply this shade in the brow bone, blending it out towards the neutral and dark shade.

Choosing a liner for this look should never be rocket science, which is why I am going to help you out. For the liner, I am to use not one, but two to create the Pittsburgh Steelers Inspired Makeup look. For the pencil liner, going to use a black to line the waterline. For the gel liner, I am going to use a gold shade.

For the gel liner, I am going to use Sephora's Waterproof Smoky Cream Liner in "Rags To Riches" which is a beautiful metallic gold. Once I have applied this using an eye liner brush, I am going to take some of my neutral eye shadow (which is Mac's "Chrome Yellow") and foil it into the gel liner, applying it on top of the liner I just applied.

As you continue, you simply want to line your waterline with a black eye liner. This should be pencil based. It is quite relevant that there are so many black eye liners in pencil form, in the beauty market today, however; my favorite is definitely Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils. I am going to use "Zero" which is a heavily pigmented rich black.

Lash primer is definitely a makeup product that is worth investing in. Applying a lash primer is optional, however; if you want your mascara to stay on, I highly recommend it. I love Shiseido's the best because it is one of the few in the market that actually lives up to it's marketed concept. There are so many though, so choosing one should not be that hard.

Mascara is amazing and one of my favorite beauty products to use, especially when creating inspired looks. For the Pittsburgh Steelers Inspired Makeup look, I am going to use just a black mascara. For this look, I am going to use Diorshow Mascara in "Black 090" which is a nice resonant black. Although I have thought about using gold, because the gold shade is more metallic and not really colorful like the Steelers uniform, it just wouldn't look right. I may save the gold shade for a New Orleans Saints Inspired Makeup look.

If you look at a Steelers logo or even a jersey, you will notice some red color to it and not just any red, bright red. For the Pittsburgh Inspired Makeup look, I am definitely going to have a little fun with it and do the red lips. I am going to line the lips with a red lip liner before applying my red lipstick. For the lips, I have used Make Up For Ever's Waterproof Lip liner pencil in "Red 8C" and NARS Lipstick in "Jungle Red" which is a very bright, yet vibrant semi matte red color. You can find so many alternatives to these colors.

You have just created the Pittsburgh Steelers Inspired Makeup look. The Pittsburgh Steelers are destined to be champions, as they are true champions. Whether they win or lose the Superbowl, they are still winners in my eyes. Do you think the Pittsburgh Steelers will win the Superbowl? I have a distinct feeling that is a major possibility.