The Best Greek Restaurants in New York City

It is a illustrious fact that New York City is overflowing with more than a billion people. It is also a renowned verity that there are many individual eating places that cater to a variety of demographics, including those that have a gigantic passion for Greek food. What I love most about the Greek culture is the fact that it is heavily notorious for using a variety of ingredients that go together, while producing an above average acquired taste. One thing is certain, life in the big apple is busy, but it never tasted so good. Greek food's popularity has risen, so the demand for finding a great restaurant has grown. I have decided to narrow down the many Greek eateries in Manhattan to only the best Greek restaurants.

If you are new to Greek food or are skeptical about eating at one place, I recommend that you try Barbounia. Located on 250 Park Ave. (home of the most expensive real estate on the planet), this miraculous Greek eatery proves why it is not only one of the best Greek restaurants in New York City, but ultimately worth your probe. Barbounia has everything from entrees to appetizers to salates to soups to sandwiches to mezzets to planchas to mezedes to even souvlakis, making it a Greek bistro that represents not only great taste, but variety too. Rumor has it their hummus is some of the best in NYC. If you are vegetarian, you will probably find something at Barbounia that you like such as the "Artistinal Cheeses" served with delicious flatbread and served with a variety of fruits and nuts for only $14. Prices start at $5 and go up to $25. Barbounia is open daily. For more information, simply call: (212) 995-0242 today.

Greek food is amazing, however; if made incorrectly it can turn into a mess. The good news is, you will not have to worry about such a thing happening when it comes to this amazingly fluent Greek eatery. Located in the heart of Manhattan, on 125 W. 55th St., lies one of the most impressive Greek entities that is waiting for you to enjoy today, Estiatorio Milos. If you are one who loves Greek food, you are definitely going to love Estiatorio Milos, as it is one of the best Greek restaurants in New York City. This place is rather fancier than most Greek feasters, so expect to pay a modest amount for an entrée. Estiatorio Milos includes everything from appetizers to salad to entrees to even dessert. If you are a vegetarian, you will more than likely find several entrees you will like such as the "Milos Special" which includes zucchini, eggplant, saganaki cheese fried for only $27.75. The good news is about this great addition to the big apple is, you get what you pay for, as it is worth every penny. Prices start at $5 and go up to $120. Estiatorio Milos is open daily. For more information, simply call: (212) 245-7400 right now.

Searching for good Greek food should never be rocket science. Why? Because it's a well known fact that it just isn't that hard, especially if you discover Periyali. Located in Chelsea, on 35 W. 20 St. this incredible Greek establishment demonstrates why it is one of the best in NYC. With entrees, appetizers, and delicious sides, who cannot love Periyali? This place is simple, but provides you with great food and great service, making it a place to enjoy much more so, as a result. Although the vegetarian selection is rather slim, you can still enjoy appetizers such as "Psita Manitaria" and a salad such as "Horiatiki Salata". A lot of appetizers are generous and are vegetarian friendly. Prices start from $5 and go up to $31. Periyali is open daily. For more information, simply call: (212) 463-7890 today.

Every time I always talk about Greek food with friends, I always get mixed reviews. I must also add that most love it more than they hate it. If you are one that loves Greek food, you will definitely love Ethos. Located in Gramercy in the heart of New York City, on 495 3rd Ave, this fantastic food place proves why it is not only a great addition to the Greek culture, but to NYC too. If you love Greek food, you are definitely going to love Ethos. Ethos has so many different types of Greek entrees and appetizers, making it truly authentic. If you love and appreciate good Greek food, you will love it here. The vegetarian selection is quite lean, but with an appetizer such as "Spanakopita" which consists of variety of herbs and vegetables, as well as, cheese wrapped in phyllo dough for only $8, you are destined to love it. Prices range from $4 and go up to $25. Ethos is open daily. For more information, simply call: (212) 252-1972 right now.