Global Warming is a "future present problem"

Global warming is something I refer to as a "future present problem". I say this because although it isn't a major problem right now (in the present) we are aware of it becoming an extreme problem eventually and it just may be heavily impact the circle of life. Those that believe global warming is a hoax, are in denial because there is enough evidence that it exists. I think we can prevent it from being destructive in the future, if we don't abuse energy and electricity. For instance, if you are done using your computer, turn it off or if you are going to sleep, shut off the light. These little things save energy and do add up eventually and will work towards the prevention, as a result. Eating organic foods will also help the environment on many wavelengths. Of course, these are just some of the many things we can do, to prevent global warming from being threatening or extreme in the future.

I was looking at a chart. I don't even remember where I saw it, that showed the global warming temperature fluctuating. What I found interesting is, that right now it's the highest it's ever been. What I also found interesting was, it was extremely high around the 40s era, but decreased for about 40 years, into the 80s era, then totally increased again. With my religious opinion aside, I believe that if global warming does become a worldwide threat to the human race (including the children of the future) and our planet, the entire world is in trouble. Although, I have a feeling it won't occur, I do believe, however; it is possible to occur in major cities throughout parts of Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Will global warming directly impact children's health and future? Will global warming destroy the circle of life?

We can attempt to work around different methods and mediums such as doming cities and looking for ways of artificializing through a variety of sources, but humans command all responsibilities on this planet. We take control and it is our duty to respect our lives, as well as, the world we live. Without the human race, there would be no planet. If our state of well being, our health, is impacted, of course we are going to have a hard time living and maintaining our level of awareness. There is no limit on reality because it is what it is. Let's not forget about the circle of life which includes all living things ranging from animals to plants, and more. Everything will be affected.

As humans, we possess the individual knowledge and common sense, to do what needs to be done. We need to use our voices for the right reason and spread awareness before we start struggling with our lives, due to our own error. As humans, we have wisdom that is connected to the past, connected to the present, and connected to the future. We need to remain true to ourselves and true to our planet. It's time to wake-up. It's time to start caring.